Camp Recipes to Make for the Holidays

Every Greystone Girl knows that camp food is the best food, but why save it just for the summer? Our Cooking page is chock full of Kitchen favorites that are comforting crowd-pleasers, just made for this holiday season!

We’ve pulled a few of our favorites and best recommendations here, so click through, save what you’re craving, and start making those shopping lists. We’re wishing you and your families lots of quality time around the table this year, friends!

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  • Ham and Apples: This first-breakfast-of-the-session feast feels special and festive.
  • Granola and Sweet Georgia Muffins: Campers look forward to these simple favorites on Sunday mornings at camp! They’d be great to make ahead and have on hand for your houseguests. Ellen-Anne’s Crunchy Granola is also a camp-favorite if you’re looking to mix things up!
  • Truck Drivers Special: It’s a classic for a reason! Gervais’ famous biscuits are worth the extra time and love.
  • Solveig’s Egg Bake: Bring a little gourmet to your breakfast table with Solveig’s simple egg casserole.
  • Opening Day Scones: Of course, who wouldn’t want to wake up to Greystone scones on Christmas morning? These are a funny afternoon activity for the whole family.

Main Course:

  • Greystone Bread: What holiday table wouldn’t be better with a steaming loaf of camp bread in the center? It’s easier than you’d think!
  • Homemade Pizza: When you want a bonding activity and a meal in one, this pizza recipe is a hit! It’s delicious, customizable, and a memory-maker, all in one.
  • Cheesy Chicken or Poppyseed Chicken: Ask a group of campers to pick between the two and it would be hard to get a clear winner - they’re both so good!
  • Taco in a Bag: It couldn’t be easier, and is a great way to feed a crowd when you’ve got lots of other things on your mind. Kids love it!
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  • Bread Pudding: This is truly the queen of holiday desserts! It’s just as simple as it is fancy, and will impress anyone at your table.
  • Opening Day Brownies: Everyone has a different brownie recipe they prefer, and this is ours! They are perfectly gooey and rich with a crisp top shell.
  • Solveig’s Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies: These are just a notch better than your typical chocolate-chip. Make them into ice cream sandwiches for a special treat!
  • Pumpkin Cookies or S’more Cookies: You can’t go wrong with either of these camper-favorites. Pick one, or make them both!
  • Garbanzo Bean Donuts: Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them! These healthier donuts are a favorite in Cooking class every summer.

Do you have a camp recipe you’ve been hoping we would share? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Holiday cooking, Greystone Girls!