First Time Campers

Greystone loves to welcome new girls into our camp community!

We know that the first year of camp is important, and we work hard to make sure it is a slam dunk success at Greystone. We do several things to help prepare our new campers for the fun of camp:

  1. We send each new camper a special New Camper Newsletter (written specifically to answer first timer questions) in the spring. This publication will provide tips and information to help each camper feel comfortable from day one.
  2. We send each new camper a New Camper Questionnaire in the spring. This questionnaire allows your daughter to tell us a little bit about herself, including what she is looking forward to and what she might be a little nervous about.
  3. We send each new camper a penpal in March. This penpal gives your daughter the chance to connect with another camper that is coming to her same session. (We also have a great Parent Penpal program too!)
  4. We send Bi-annual Sparks magazines in the Fall and Spring. These publications are geared to be fun and provide insights about the upcoming summer.
  5. We send all parents a Parent Handbook, mailed in the spring and filled with information that prepares our families for a summer at camp. From packing information to ways to contact your camper during the summer, this Handbook is a great resource for “all things camp.”
  6. We collect insider scoop and share it with our new camp families through emails and web pages. In the spring, we will send a parent specific newsletter that shares even more details about your first summer at Greystone. Our Helpful Hints page gives tips from current families on how to prepare for camp.
  7. We update our Blog regularly with specific information geared to our new campers. Make sure to check out our New Camper blog series for new camper inside scoop (new series starts in March each year).
  8. One of our Directors, Sarah Brown, pays special attention to all of our new campers each summer. Whether you have a question before camp or during camp, she is always available to help! Feel free to give our office a call at any time as you are preparing for your first summer at Greystone.

Which session is right for me?

Trying to choose the right session for you? New campers attend all of our sessions, and we pay special attention to them while they are here.
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Our one-week Junior and two-week August sessions are perfect opportunities to experience camp for the first time. The excitement of arriving at camp is quickly replaced with the excitement of finishing camp… just plain fun.

Our three-week June Camp allows for a more comprehensive and relaxing camp experience… a great representation of all that Greystone has to offer. The exciting opening and closing weeks are significantly enhanced with a middle week (more time to do things in classes and build lasting friendships).

Our flagship Main Camp session is a month long celebration of the Greystone community, providing the ultimate “over the top” camp experience.

No matter the session, we make sure the girls know where to go, what to do, and how the schedule works. New campers fit right in!

Day in the Life

Life at camp is anything but dull! Check out what a Day in the Life of a Greystone camper is really like by following along with one of our June campers.

Is my daughter ready for camp?

Find out if your daughter is ready for Greystone.

Is my daughter ready?