Air Departure

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If Greystone is responsible for taking your daughter to the airport, please enter her flight information on the online Travel & Baggage Form.

On Closing Day, girls prefer to take the early flights (around 8 a.m.); otherwise, they are waiting at camp after all other campers have gone home. All flights should be scheduled to depart no later than 2 p.m.

Important: If you are flying into the area and renting a car to pick up your daughter from camp yourself, she is considered a CAR DEPARTURE. Only girls who are taken to the airport with a shuttle provided by Greystone are considered flying home from camp.

We strongly recommend you ship your baggage home via our UPS service. Overweight airline luggage (over 50 lbs.) will add an additional $50 to $150 (varies according to airline) for each overweight bag.

Greystone can transport ONE checked bag to the airport for your daughter. We will pay the checked bag fee for you and automatically deduct your Greystone Account after camp for the charges that are incurred at the airport. All other bags need to be shipped home via UPS. You need to indicate which bag will be checked and which luggage will be shipped via UPS on your Travel & Baggage Form. (We cannot take trunks to the airport.)