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Explore the Greystone Archives

From our camp timeline, to old Green and Gold booklets, to Banquets through the years, you’ll love digging back through your favorite Greystone memories.

Explore the Archives
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Become a Centennial Sponsor

Have your name memorialized at the newly renovated Council Fire in honor of your gift.

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“Greystone gave me a place to be myself, without having to worry about keeping up or being something someone else expects. Above all else, Greystone friends have shown me what it can look like to follow the Lord.” Elizabeth, Alumna

Camp for 100 Years

Read Jimboy's reflection on 100 years of Greystone.

Jimboy's Letter

Greystone People

From the campers to the counselors and everyone in between, Greystone is what it is today because of its people.

Remember the People

Greystone Today

100 years, but Greystone remains the same.

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