Laundry & Valuables

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All cabin laundry is washed, dried, and folded at camp. Please make sure to send clothing of a simple nature that will look neat with a tumble-dry process (colors and whites mixed together). Our laundry service has a 24 hour turn around time.

Number of times your daughter’s clothes will be washed:

  • Junior camp: No laundry service, due to short session
  • June camp: 2 times
  • Main camp: 4 times
  • August camp: 1 time

Campers may not send netted bags through the laundry (clothes just never dry!).

Girls will change their sheets once during the June and Main Camp sessions. After this sheet change day, we will wash the one set of dirty personal sheets and return them to each camper.

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Labeling clothes

Please make sure to label everything you send to camp. Use a permanent marker to label all belongings. This will ensure your daughter’s laundry makes it back to her with no mix-ups. Don’t forget to label sleeping bags, cameras, Bibles, tennis racquets, shoes, etc.

For labeling assistance, we recommend Oliver’s Labels. Log in to your Greystone Account to order labels for your camp belongings. Each purchase generates a 20% commission towards The Great Day Fund.


We recommend campers not bring any valuables (anything not easily replaced) to camp. Passports, cash, and jewelry will be collected on Opening Day and kept safely at the office. All valuables are returned to the campers on Banquet Day or at the airport.