Packing For Camp

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Packing for camp is so much fun! We receive many questions regarding packing and have tried to answer any packing questions below. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our office at 828.693.3182.

What should I pack for camp?

The best place to start is by looking over our camp packing lists.

  • Packing List for June & Main camps (list will be updated in spring 2023)
  • Packing List for Junior & August camps (list will be updated in spring 2023)
  • Need suggestions on what to pack? Check out our Packing Norms page to get a sense on what the majority of campers bring with them.
  • Read packing advice from our New Camper blog series: Packing Tips from seasoned Greystone girls, how to Pack for Special Events, and learn all about Greystone Style.
  • Check out our suggestions on what you should pack for Rest Hour to keep your daughter entertained.
  • Search through the best tips we’ve collected from our camp moms on our Helpful Hints page.


Campers are not allowed to bring any food, gum, or candy to camp (and may not receive these in the mail). Any brought or sent to camp will be donated to our local homeless shelter.

Restricted Items

Please do not bring electronic items (cell phones, iPods, DVD players, Wi-Fi Devices, e-readers, iPads, smart watches, etc.), extension cords, plug-in and battery-operated string lights, hammocks, slime, offensive or suggestive clothing with inappropriate graphics or themes, or valuables (including irreplaceable or expensive clothing or sports gear, and/or money). If brought to camp, these items will be placed in our safe on Opening Day. Digital cameras without Internet capabilities are allowed.

Decorating Your Bunk

When your daughter arrives, we will have a jersey-style blanket available for her to use. Junior and August campers need to bring one set of twin-sized sheets for their bed, and June and Main campers need to bring two sets of twin-sized sheets for their bed. We also recomend bringing a warm blanket or quilt. Girls will also need to bring their own pillow and pillowcases for their bed.

Many girls LOVE making their bunks feel warm and welcoming. We only allow campers to use bedding items and photos to decorate their bunks. Your daughter may want to bring pictures from home, stuffed animals, a special blanket, or small pillows to make her space feel homey. These decorations are not necessary, but many girls do bring things to personalize their space (read more about Bunk Decorating and what is allowed).

Please remember, we do not allow electric or battery operated string lights. Please also do not bring extension cords.

Egg Crates and Mattress Pads: Many campers enjoy extra padding for their mattress. If you send an egg crate, you MUST take it home with you on Closing Day, as we are unable to recycle these. For easier packing, we recommend bringing a thick mattress pad instead of an egg crate. You can purchase these online, for example, one like this.

Frequent Questions

What do I need for a Green and a Gold team outfit?

Campers will be placed on a team based on their cabin number. This team changes every year, and your daughter will not know her team until Opening Day. Girls love dressing up for team events, so please pack some Green items and Gold (yellow) items for her to wear. You also have the option of purchasing an Odd or Even t-shirt, as well as other dress-up items, through The Store on Opening Day once you know your daughter’s team.

Should I bring a trunk or a duffel bag?

There is no wrong answer to this question! If it is your first summer at Greystone, we would recommend using a duffel or a plastic trunk (or rubbermaid box). All of our camp beds have big drawers underneath them, and girls will unpack all of their clothes into these drawers. Duffels are easy to fold up and stuff in your drawer, while plastic tubs allow you to keep extra items, like towels and tennis rackets, on your porch.

Can I bring plug-in devices for my daughter’s bunk (like fans, lights, etc.)?

Each bunk will have one outlet available for a plug-in fan. You can use a stand-alone or clip-on fan; we would recommend a clip-on fan (like this one). We do not allow any other plug-in devices at camp (this is a safety issue enforced by our fire marshal). We also do not allow extension cords or string lights, including plug-in or battery-operated string lights.

Does my daughter’s Sunday dress need to be white?

Nope! Girls can wear a simple skirt or dress to our Sunday worship service. They will change into whites after church. Only girls at our June, Main, and August Camps need to bring a simple dress for Sundays.

If my daughter forgets something, what do I do?

We can help your daughter find almost anything she needs. You may also purchase most forgotten necessary items from The Greystone Store including batteries, flashlights, hair brushes, tooth brushes, tooth paste, sunscreen, lip gloss, soap, shampoo, whites, and more. The Store will then deliver these items to your daughter. If you must send something important to your daughter, please read our Package Policy first.

I see that you have a 1-piece bathing suit rule. What about a tankini? And any other rules on modesty?

We ask that you only pack 1-piece bathing suits and no tankinis. We also ask that swimsuits be modest and must fully cover the body (no cut-outs or skimpy bottoms). All shorts need to have a recognizable inseam and all low-cut tank tops need to be worn with a more modest tank top underneath.

Is there anything my daughter can’t bring to camp?

Campers are not allowed to bring pets, alcohol, drugs, tobacco or nicotine products (including e-cigarettes, vaping products, JUULs, smoking or vaping paraphernalia and devices), lighters or matches, weapons, explosives, or fireworks. Bringing any of these items to camp will result in dismissal. Bullying, disruptive, and/or difficult behavior will also not be tolerated. Campers behaving in these ways will be sent home at the discretion of the directors.