Riding & Rafting

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In addition to their regular scheduled activities, campers have the option to add on Riding and Rafting to their exciting summer schedule.

Junior Riding

In 2019, Junior campers have the opportunity to add on one of the following riding options during their week-long session:

  • One Hunt Seat Equitation Lesson (two periods)
  • One trail ride (two periods)

To register for Junior Riding, fill out your Extra Fee Activities (Riding/Rafting) online form (available in the spring).

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June, Main, and August Camp Riding

Our Greystone Riding program is a camper favorite, and many of our campers love spending time at the barn! With our lesson program and trail riding programs, every rider can find her place on a horse this summer!

In the Lesson Program, we will be teaching Hunt Seat Equitation and Hunter/Jumper skills. As the basis of all disciplines, Hunt Seat Equitation teaches a solid foundation built on strong basic skills. Each camper will be placed in a class with girls of similar skill level and challenged in a safe, uplifting riding environment. Each lesson lasts two regular class periods.

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Lisa Maybin, Riding Director

At June and Main Camp, more experienced riders will have the opportunity to participate in our Camp Horse Shows. These shows are celebrated in camp as friends come to watch and guest judges present ribbons and awards. The Elizabeth Hanna Miller Horsemanship Trophy was presented for the first time by Libby Miller in 2016 at the Main Camp Horse Show.

For our June and Main campers, the Thunderhead Western Trail Ride Adventure program offers a day trip, with lunch option, spent with the horses at our Thunderhead property! This trail option is an opportunity for girls to enjoy the beautiful Thunderhead property with their horse. This is a day trip where girls will get to spend time caring for their horse, trail riding on mountain trails, romping in the river, cooking lunch over the fire, roasting s’mores, and sharing campfire tales!

We are excited to announce that girls who sign up for Everyday Riding at Main camp will be treated to a traditional Thunderhead Overnight complete with trail ride, romping in the river, s’mores, campfire tales, sleeping in the loft over the horses, and waking up to breakfast over an open fire!

New in 2019, our Horsin’ Around Club is for those Main Campers who have a LOVE for horses but have limited time in their schedule, we are offering a new activity. This class offers “hands on” fun with the horses while getting to know and love them as much as we do! We will be playing with the horses as we enjoy barn time, leading, feeding, tacking, grooming, bathing, splashing in the creek, and games. Campers will take this every other day for one period. Horsin’ Around Club will include 1 mounted lesson and 1 trail ride.

Especially geared towards our August campers, August Camp Riding Introduction will be included in your daughter’s schedule as an every other day activity for two periods. Girls will enjoy one lesson tailored to their level in the ring and one beautiful trail ride along the river. Also included with this great program are classes in the barn during which campers will receive FUN hands on experience learning about and taking care of the horses.

June Camp Riding: (may choose one or both)

  • Hunt Seat Equitation Instruction (every other day for 2 periods)
  • Thunderhead Western Trail Ride Adventure (day trip)

Main Camp Riding: (may choose any combination of options)

  • Hunt Seat Equitation Instruction (3 days/week)
  • Hunt Seat Equitation Instruction (everyday)
  • Thunderhead Western Trail Ride Adventure (day trip): 1-day, 2-days, or 3-days
  • Horsin’ Around Club (3 days/week for 1 period)

August Camp Riding:

  • Riding Introduction (every other day for 2 periods; all levels)

To sign up for our new Riding options, please fill out your Extra Fee Activities (Riding/Rafting) online form (available in the spring).

Riding Equipment

All riders need to wear long pants and riding boots with a flat sole and a small ½” heel; no open toe shoes or athletic shoes. All riders are required to wear an approved helmet when mounted on a horse. We have a limited supply of hats and boots at camp that girls can borrow, but campers who have their own riding equipment are encouraged to bring those items. Although not necessary, riders may want to bring their show clothes in case they are eligible for the June or Main Camp Horse Show. If you would like to purchase your own riding equipment and would like advice on what to purchase, please give us a call and ask to speak to our Riding Director Lisa Maybin.

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We offer an optional rafting trip for our June and Main campers as an extra activity that the girls may take. Rafting down the Pigeon and Chattoga Rivers, girls love the whitewater fun with their friends. Every raft has a professional guide and is self-bailing for comfort, control, and safety. The trip will include a chartered coach to and from Wildwater Rafting with lunch catered by Subway.

Pigeon River: Enjoy a great whitewater rafting experience on the exciting Class III and IV rapids of the Big Pigeon River! For younger or more timid rafters, we recommend the calmer rapids of the Lower Pigeon (June campers, all ages). To go on the more challenging Upper Pigeon, you must be at least 10 years old (June and Main campers).

Chattooga River: For Main Camp only, we offer a very advanced rafting trip on the Class IV and V Chattooga River, Sections III and IV. For the Chattooga III, you must be at least 12 years old and have already done the Upper Pigeon one time. For the Chattooga IV, you must be 14 years old and have already done at least two Greystone rafting trips.

To sign up for a rafting trip, please fill out your Extra Fee Activities (Riding/Rafting) online form (available in the spring).