Personal Allowance & Store

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The Personal Allowance account is designed to cover any extra expense a camper incurs while at Greystone.

Many girls enjoy using their Allowance to shop in our Greystone Store. At the Store, girls can purchase Greystone merchandise (tshirts or sweatshirts), bedding items (blankets, pillows, egg crates), Crazy Creek chairs, backpacks and totes, flashlights, toiletries, stationery, swim gear and towels, and the little things your daughter may need (batteries, stamps, etc.)

The Personal Allowance account is also used to cover any prescription medications needed, the Main Camp group picture, and more.

You may now easily add money to your daughter’s Greystone Store account online with a credit card! You can do this through your Online Forms, available in the Spring.

During the summer, you can see how much money your daughter has left in her account by clicking the ‘View Store Allowance/Personal Expenses’ link in your Greystone Account. This amount is current within 24-48 hours. Through the Greystone Store website, you can then add money to your daughter’s account if you would like.

Suggested amounts

  • Junior: $75
  • June: $150
  • Main: $175
  • August: $125

The Greystone Store is also available online! If interested in purchasing clothing and larger items prior to camp, we suggest you visit the online store.

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Main campers

For campers who have attended Greystone for 5 years or more (with at least 3 of those at Main), you can buy our signature Greystone Five Year ring or charm. You must place your order by May 1 of each year. Please fill out your Online Form (available in the spring) to place your ring or charm order.