Personal Allowance & Store

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The Greystone Store offers camp apparel and merchandise for purchase before and during the summer.

The Store features well-designed and useful clothing, blankets, towels, raincoats, pajamas, and other items your daughter might need at camp, as well as gift items that are camp related or useful year round.

During the summer, the Greystone Store is available for campers to purchase needed essential (i.e. toiletries, batteries, stamps, summer offering, etc.) and nonessential items (i.e. Rest Hour activities, books, stuffed animals, Odd & Even gear, etc.). Your daughter will use her Personal Allowance account to pay for these items.

The Store website is available for shopping Greystone gear throughout the year. We encourage you to shop BEFORE your daughter arrives so she is ready on Opening Day. Not all of the items on the website will be stocked in the physical store, and quantities are limited (many items sell out!).

All of our new summer items go live in early March before each summer. Shipping for all orders will then begin in mid-April, or you can choose our convenient “in-camp delivery option” to have your daughter’s items delivered to her on Opening Day.

During the Summer

If your daughter needs something during her session, you may order items through the Store website (choose in-camp delivery), and we will make sure she receives them. If you have questions about your daughter’s account, please feel free to contact .

Bedding Bundles

Camp will provide a navy jersey-style blanket on each bunk. You will need to provide the rest of your bedding. The Greystone Store is offering Bedding Bundles for your convenience, if you would like to purchase them.

Bundles contain a mattress pad, 100% cotton sheets & pillowcases, foam mattress toppers, and a fan. There are several options so that you can find one that suits your needs. For the summer, Junior & August Camp will require 1 set of sheets. June & Main Camp will require 2 sets of sheets. You can buy any of these items as a bundle or individually.

All sheets will be washed and labeled with your camper’s name and will be waiting in the cabin for your daughter on Opening Day. All foam mattress toppers must go home with your camper and may not be thrown away at camp.

Personal Allowance

The Store Allowance and Personal Expense account is designed to cover Greystone Store spending and any extra expense a camper incurs while at Greystone, including the Sunday offering (if she chooses to participate). Please visit the Greystone Store website to add money to your daughter’s Store account. If you prefer, you may send a check to Camp Greystone, ATTN Greystone Store, 21 Camp Greystone Lane, Zirconia, NC 28790, made out to The Greystone Store, to fund your camper’s account.

Suggested amounts

  • Junior: $75
  • June: $150
  • Main: $175
  • August: $125

Summer spending:

Throughout the summer, you may add additional money to your daughter’s Store account at any time through The Greystone Store website.

You can also access and review your daughter’s Store spending through your online Greystone Account in real time (not available through the Campanion app). At any point, you will be able to view your daughter’s balance and see her expenditures. You may then add money to your daughter’s account through The Greystone Store website.

We recommend talking to your daughter about being fiscally responsible with her Store account based on the many options offered in The Store, including nonessential items; we cannot always monitor what a camper is spending.

If you have questions about your daughter’s account or would like more information about her spending, please feel free to contact .

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Main campers

For campers who have attended Greystone for 5 years or more (with at least 3 of those at Main), you can buy our signature Greystone Five Year ring or charm. Please fill out your 5 Year Jewelry Form (available in the spring) through your Online Account or through the Campanion app to place your ring or charm order before the May 1 deadline.