Personal Allowance & Store

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The Greystone Store offers camp apparel and merchandise for purchase before and during the summer. The Store features well-designed and useful clothing, blankets, towels, raincoats, pajamas, and other items your daughter might need at camp.

During the summer, the Greystone Store is available for campers to purchase needed essentials as well as items they may have forgotten or need to re-stock (i.e. toiletries, batteries, stamps, etc.). Your daughter will use her Personal Allowance account to pay for these items.

The Store website is available for shopping Greystone gear throughout the year. We encourage you to shop BEFORE your daughter arrives. Not all of the items on the website will be stocked in the physical store, so make sure to shop online.

In mid-March, we will send an email announcing our new offerings for the year. We highly recommend that you purchase your clothing and other camp necessities BEFORE camp starts as many items sell out.

Personal Allowance

The Store Allowance and Personal Expense account is designed to cover any extra expense a camper incurs while at Greystone. Please refer to your Online Forms for instructions on adding additional money to your daughter’s Store account.

Suggested amounts

  • Junior: $75
  • June: $150
  • Main: $175
  • August: $125

This account can be used by your daughter for purchasing items from the Greystone Store. This account will also be used to cover prescription medications if needed, as well as the Main Camp group picture.

You can check the balance of your daughter’s account during the summer by clicking the ‘View Store Allowance/Personal Expenses’ link in your Greystone Account. This amount is current within 24-48 hours. You can then add money to your daughter’s account through the Greystone Store website.

During the Summer

If your daughter needs something during her session, you may order items through our website, and we will make sure she receives them.

Opening Day

The Greystone Store building will be closed on Opening Day; we will no longer set up tables on the tennis courts for shopping and check-out. Instead, we will have a select number of items for sale at the Opening Day tent on the softball field when you arrive. Keep in mind that the entirety of The Greystone Store’s inventory will not be displayed on Opening Day. Visit our website before camp to see all that we have to offer.

Change this year: Odd & Even bags: The Greystone Store will not be offering Odd or Even bags during the summer. We will have team shirts available for sale on our website and at the Opening Day tent. Camp will also supply each cabin with fun Odd and Even dress up supplies.

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Main campers

For campers who have attended Greystone for 5 years or more (with at least 3 of those at Main), you can buy our signature Greystone Five Year ring or charm. You must place your order by May 1 of each year. Please fill out your Online Form (available in the spring) to place your ring or charm order.