Health Care

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We do our very best to keep your daughter healthy and safe while she is with us at Greystone! While we hope that your daughter will never need to experience our Health Hut, if she needs us, we are here to help. Greystone has 8-10 registered nurses, a 24-hour a day resident doctor, and our Health Director (a retired pediatrician) to care for your daughter’s health needs.

Every summer we work hard to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. With the appearance of COVID-19, we updated many of our health and safety protocols to take the best possible care of our camp community. We will continue many of these protocols to keep our community healthy in future summers as well.

Health Communication

We understand the importance of thorough communication and are committed to keeping you informed in a thoughtful and transparent manner before, during, and after your daughter’s session. We will contact you if there is ever a health issue that affects your daughter’s camp experience. This would include: if your camper spends the night at the Health Hut, is prescribed a prescription or over-the-counter medication on a scheduled basis, needs to visit a doctor in town for x-rays or lab work, or if she is unable to participate in scheduled camp activities due to illness or injury.

During Camp: You can reach us directly at the Health Hut with any questions regarding your daughter’s health via phone: 828-693-9841 or email:

Prior to Opening Day: please contact us with questions or to discuss any health concerns you might be dealing with at home. You can reach us through the camp office: 828-693-3182 or email or .

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Health Monitoring Prior to Camp

A healthy camp starts at home! We always want to start each session with a healthy group of campers and will do our best to send them home healthy as well. This means protecting our “camp bubble” in every way possible, and you are a big part of that in the weeks leading up to Opening Day.

The precautions our families took in 2021 played a huge role in helping us start each session with a healthy community. You will receive specific instructions in the spring when we know more about any COVID policies for the summer, but for now plan to keep an eye on your daughter’s health before she comes to camp. We will be in touch later with any specific pre-camp health protocols.

As in any summer, please contact us if your daughter has a fever, any other signs or symptoms of illness, or is exposed to a contagious illness in the 48 hours prior to Opening Day.

Health Forms

All Health Forms must be completed and submitted by May 1st! Please notify us if there are changes after submitting any of these forms as we review all health information prior to Opening Day.

The Physical Form should be downloaded and completed by your healthcare provider using ANY exam performed in the past 24 months. Please update your daughter’s height and weight, as well as any other significant changes, if you are using an exam completed more than 12 months prior to camp.

The Health History Form must be completed and/or updated by May 1st. ALL medications MUST be entered on this form. Make sure the medication section is complete, accurate, and matches any current prescription(s) from your physician. Anything taken or used to treat or manage a condition or symptoms is considered a medication. Vitamins, supplements, and melatonin are also considered medications at camp and must follow the medication policy. The nurses use this detailed information to administer all medications.

Medication Forms (which includes a Pharmacy Form and/or an As Needed Medication Form) must be downloaded and completed if your child needs any kind of medication at camp (see details on the next pages). If your child takes daily medication of any kind, you must download and complete the Pharmacy Form and send it to Whitley Drugs. If your child has medication she takes as needed or in an emergency only, please use the As Needed Medication Form (see details on the next pages).

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Food Allergies

Greystone encourages our campers to try many different foods that they may not eat at home, and we are successful because they are surrounded by encouraging friends and staff. We encourage you to check out our information on how we support and handle food allergies during the summer.

Mental & Emotional Health

ADHD, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, food issues, cutting, self-harm, etc.

Your daughter’s mental, emotional, and social health is just as important to us as her physical health. We want her to have the best experience possible this summer: to have fun, to feel supported, and to be successful here at Greystone. In order for us to do this well, it is very important that you let us know before camp about any past or current struggles your daughter has had with her mental, emotional, or social health.

If you are wondering if something is worth mentioning, please go ahead and contact us, even if you don’t think it will affect her time at camp. Mental health concerns are very common, and we want to take the best possible care of your daughter. Our hope and expectation is that camp will be nothing but fun for her, but if something does arise, having this information ahead of time will make all the difference.

A note about ADHD: Because we have a very structured schedule, children who are on medication for ADD/ADHD often have a better experience if they stay on their medication at camp. If you have any questions or concerns, or have made any recent medication changes, please contact us prior to your daughter’s session.


We will screen campers for lice, as well as any other health concerns, on Opening Day. Campers will have their heads checked by a professional lice service, and any cases found will be treated by the professional service that day. Parents will be notified regarding the treatment, and your credit card on file will be charged. Please have your daughter checked (by someone who knows what they are looking for) BEFORE she comes to camp, and let us know if she or anyone in the family has been treated for lice in the 6 months prior to camp. Having your daughter checked and treated prior to camp can prevent an expensive treatment and missing out on any Opening Day cabin fun!