Who We Are

Flows out of what we believe

Greystone is dedicated to the glory of God — it defines the purpose, motive, and method of our entire summer.

In our Morning Assembly devotions, Bible classes, and nightly devotions with a cabin counselor, campers learn that their worth is secured in Scripture. They are loved, accepted, cherished, beautiful, and delighted in, because they are God’s precious daughters in whom He is well pleased. Everything we do stems from this knowledge – we love because He first loved us.

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Each morning after breakfast we look forward to Breakfast Club. In this beloved camp tradition, Jimboy takes a few minutes at the beginning of the day to encourage campers to grow in each aspect of our 4-fold philosophy, based on Luke 2:52:

  • Spiritual: We are made in God’s image to have a personal relationship with Him. We encourage girls to take ownership of their faith by reading the Bible, praying, and asking questions for themselves.
  • Physical: In a culture that puts so much importance on physical appearance, we focus on loving the bodies that we have been given, recognizing that the God who knit us together in the womb does not make mistakes. To this end, we encourage girls to take care of their bodies with good food and exercise.
  • Mental: We encourage girls to adopt the “Great Day” attitude, where they choose to embrace each day as a gift from God, seeing it as an opportunity to be thankful for what we have been given.
  • Social: The secret of Greystone is unselfishness. We learn how to focus on others instead of ourselves, to set aside our own desires to better love and encourage those around us. True joy springs from an unselfish spirit.

“I used to be afraid of God. It was at camp — one of my first Morning Assemblies — that I learned that God loves me. That He’s a friend. That He sacrificed his own son for me. That the Lord loves me more than anyone on this earth ever could. I return every year to be reminded of that.”