Camper Luggage

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Trunks and large duffle bags are the easiest ways to pack for camp. Trunks are sturdy for shipping while duffle bags are easy to tuck away after you’ve unpacked at camp.

Mark luggage clearly in a permanent fashion, knowing that loose tags can become detached.

Luggage Size

Please do not pack directly in cardboard boxes or disposable bags (or your daughter will have nothing to pack her things in for the trip home); use a standard duffle or trunk.

Packing your Luggage

Learn how to pack and how to get your items to camp.

Shipping to Camp

Luggage can be sent up to two weeks prior to your daughter’s session. If any luggage cannot be brought with you, please ship by United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express. (Please note: both companies will only cover damages to your luggage if it is boxed, by them):

Camp Greystone
21 Camp Greystone Lane
Zirconia, NC 28790

Luggage will be placed in your cabin by Opening Day.

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Shipping Home

We contract with a 3rd party vendor (Little River Roasting) to offer you the service of sending your luggage home via UPS. Their cost for this service is a $35 handling fee per item, plus the actual cost of shipping. (Shipping costs vary with size, weight and destination. Go to to generate a quote.) Please don’t send a return label, as they can ONLY use labels printed at camp. They will box, weigh and label each item. You may ship as many items as needed. Shipping costs will be automatically deducted from your Greystone Account at the time of shipment.

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In order to ship your luggage home, please indicate this on the Baggage Assignment portion of your Online Travel Form. All baggage will automatically be shipped to your home address on file. If you want it sent to a different address, you must enter the address into the ‘Special Instructions’ box. Please contact our regarding last minute shipping changes.

Trunks should weigh no more than 70 pounds. It is better to ship multiple things than pay for overweight luggage!

Questions about our UPS shipping service? Contact Gervais Hollowell at 828-693-7771 or .

Shipping Luggage Home

Learn the ins and outs of having your luggage shipped home.