Contacting Your Camper

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We strongly encourage you to send hand-written letters. Since “snail mail” takes time, please send some letters even before your daughter arrives at camp (we will add the cabin number to your letter for you).

On Opening Day, we will have a way for you to drop off pre-written letters for your daughter to receive during the first few days of camp. Just write your daugther’s name on the letters, put the letters in a Ziploc bag, drop them in the bin, and we will deliver them to her.

When sending letters, please send flat standard sized envelopes only; do not put anything in with your letters. Make sure to review our Package Policy, as we do not allow packages of any kind.

Please address letters to your camper in the following way:

Camper’s Full Name, Cabin Number
Camp Greystone
21 Camp Greystone Lane
Zirconia, NC 28790

Scanned Letters from Camp

Because “snail mail” takes time, we will scan a letter from your daughter into your Greystone Account by the third day of your daughter’s session. This letter will contain a note from your camper (if she writes one!) and a copy of her schedule.

You can view your daughter’s letter in your Greystone Account in the Forms section. To view the letter, you MUST click on the PRINT button next to the Form to see the letter (if you click on the name of the form, it will download a blank letter).

Scanned Sunday letters: During our June, Main, and August sessions, we will scan your camper’s Sunday meal ticket letter each week. To view these letters, you will log in to your Greystone Account; you will see a separate form for each letter that we scan (one a week). Remember, you must click on the PRINT button next to the Form to view the letter. We plan to have these letters available to view in each account by Tuesday afternoons.

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To email your camper, you must first log in to your Greystone account. Once logged in, you may send free emails! With your emails, use the CC: field to send the same message to multiple campers. Emails need to be text only (no attachments).

We print e-mails every day at 11 a.m. for after lunch delivery. Any emails with inappropriate content are not delivered.

Guest Accounts: You may create Guest Accounts for your family under the Online Community menu. This is a great way for your family to communicate with your daughter while she is away! Do not give out the password to your account, as your account is connected to your financial information. Please do not set up Guest Accounts for your daughter’s friends; we ask that friends send handwritten letters to your daughter.

Guest Account Policies: Our staff scans all emails for inappropriate content, and inappropriate emails will not be delivered. We will send a copy of inappropriate emails to you (the parent), and we will automatically delete the Guest Account. Make sure that siblings and family members know this policy!


When your daugther is at Greystone, she will be technology-free. Your daughter will not be able to call or email you while she is at camp. Write letters and send some emails - it is a great way to stay in touch!

Remind Texting Service

Greystone will be using the Remind texting system for emergency communication as well as any important reminders and alerts about camp. Greystone is covering the cost of this service for all families. We will automatically add all parents to the system. All enrolled parents will receive a text message from Greystone’s Remind texting system in the spring before camp. Parents will not need to do anything else at that time and will have the opportunity to unsubscribe, if choosing not to participate.