Walk a dog, pet a bunny, or ride a horse; Greystone has furry friends aplenty!

Dog Camp

If puppies make your heart melt, you will not want to miss Dog Camp!
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Each spring, we find the perfect puppies that love spending their summer with Greystone girls. From labs to golden retrievers to schnoodles, you never know what we might have this summer. Learn how to care for a puppy, give him a bath, teach him tricks, and even have a canine fashion show! It won’t take long for you to fall in love with our sweet pups this summer.

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Farm & Garden

Chickens, rabbits, pigs, fresh eggs, flowers & vegetables

Ever wondered what it would be like to take care of chickens, bunnies, and pigs? What about growing and cooking your own fresh vegetables? Farm and Garden is the place for you! You’ll get the chance to collect fresh eggs, learn the quirks of the chickens, and play with our adorable bunnies. From okra to tomatoes to watermelon and more, our Greystone garden is overflowing with wonderful things to plant and eat. Grab your gardening gloves and we will see you in the dirt.

Horseback Riding

What We Do

The connection between a girl and a horse — her smile, his whinny, their partnership — it’s what we see every day at the Greystone barn. We want to cultivate that relationship from the moment a camper walks in the barn, so we focus on comprehensive horsemanship rooted in a deep love of horses. In the riding ring and in the barn, campers revel in every aspect of equine care. They can be silly, have fun, and form a unique bond with their favorite horse.

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Our Riding Lesson Program

Whether a girl has been riding for years, or has never set foot in a barn, we have a place for her. She will be carefully placed in a lesson based on her skill level, where she’ll get to know her instructor, classmates, and our horses. Our instructors teach hunt seat equitation and hunter jumper skills, focusing on building a solid foundation for any riding discipline. No matter her level, every camper will spend time in the barn, growing comfortable handling and caring for our wonderful horses. Each rider will have a lesson plan tailor-made to suit her level of ability. Safety is our first priority, but we also have fun! Girls will have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive and established lesson program, to compete in horse shows, and to play on their ponies.

Our Thunderhead Adventure Program

The Thunderhead program is so much fun! For many years, Greystone girls enjoyed the time-honored tradition of overnights at Thunderhead. The Riding program would move some of the horses up to the Thunderhead property, and the girls would enjoy trail rides, playing in the river, cook outs, and sleeping in the loft over their favorite camp horse. Thunderhead is an experience like none other that many alumnae still thrill to reminisce about today. We are so excited that Greystone riders can still experience this nostalgic program!

Our Thunderhead Adventure Trail Rides allow campers to enjoy the best of the Thunderhead property with their horse. Girls will get to spend time caring for their favorite horse, trail riding on beautiful mountain trails, playing in the river, and munching on lunch by the campfire.

About Our Horses

The Greystone horses are the best in the business! With years of camp experience, they are friendly, safe, and love their job. Their gentle demeanors allow campers to grow in confidence and have fun as the girls learn to master skills independently. Walk around our barn, and you’ll see lots of perked ears and happy snorts – our horses love the Greystone campers, and they love them right back.

Join us in the barn!

Riding is an extra camp activity that you can add on to your schedule once you are enrolled. Riding forms will be available in the spring with the remainder of our Online Forms. To find out more about session-specific Riding options, visit our Riding page.

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