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Signing up for activity classes is one of the best parts of camp. With over 60 different activities to choose from, every camper can find her niche at Greystone!
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Junior Camp

How it works

Junior campers jump right into classes on Sunday, so they can learn as much as possible in each of their activities. At the Junior session, campers will take 6 different classes every day for their week-long session.

Scheduling your classes

Our Junior campers can choose from a wide variety of classes while they are here. In the spring, you have the opportunity to choose which classes you would like for your daughter to take. After submitting these classes online through your Online Forms, we will pre-schedule your daughter so that when she arrives at camp, she can jump right into her classes.

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June, Main, and August Camps

How it works

Our June and Main campers enjoy a total of 14 classes, rotating between a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule of 7 classes and a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule of 7 classes. Our August campers enjoy 7 total classes that they take every day.

Scheduling your classes

June, Main, and August campers will schedule their classes on Opening Day after parents leave. Your daughter’s cabin counselor will help to make her schedule, ensuring she has the perfect mix of activities that she would like to take.

Some of our classes are only offered at longer sessions, and some are limited by age-range. Make sure to check out our detailed list of activities; your daughter can use this list to get an idea of what she would like to take before she even arrives.

We want your daughter to have the very best schedule and to enjoy all of her classes! Over the course of the first few days of camp, if your daughter does not enjoy one of her classes, she is more than welcome to switch into a different class. We explain how to do this several times to all of our campers.

Looking for some insider tips about Scheduling? Check out our Helpful Hints page, which combines some of the best advice from camp moms on all things Scheduling.

Daily Camp Schedules

Our schedule strikes a balance between activity and rest, giving campers opportunities to pursue their strengths and interests, while leaving plenty of time for quiet conversations with friends. Junior Camp follows a simplified version of our Daily Schedule, providing a good introduction to a summer at Greystone.


  • 7:30 am Reveille
  • 8:05 am Flag
  • 8:15 am Breakfast
  • 9:25 am Assembly
  • 9:50 am 1st Class Period
  • 10:30 am 2nd Class Period
  • 11:10 am 3rd Class Period
  • 11:50 am 4th Class Period
  • 12:30 pm End of Class Bell
  • 12:40 pm First Call
  • 12:45 pm Lunch
  • 1:45 pm Call to Quarters
  • 2:00 pm Rest Hour
  • 3:00 pm End of Rest Hour
  • 3:20 pm Candy Shoppe/Watermelon
  • 3:40 pm 5th Class Period
  • 4:20 pm 6th Class Period
  • 5:00 pm Cabin Showers & Clean up
  • 5:45 pm Flag
  • 6:00 pm Supper
  • 7:30 pm Evening Program
  • 8:30 pm Call to Quarters
  • 9:00 pm Lights Out
  • 9:15 pm Taps

June, Main, August

  • 7:30 am Reveille
  • 7:50 am Table Girls
  • 8:05 am Flag
  • 8:10 am Breakfast
  • 9:25 am Assembly
  • 9:50 am 1st Period
  • 10:30 am 2nd Period
  • 11:10 am 3rd Period
  • 11:50 am 4th Period
  • 12:30 pm 5th Period
  • 1:10 pm Table Girls
  • 1:15 pm First Call
  • 1:20 pm Lunch
  • 2:15 pm Call to Quarters
  • 2:30 pm Rest Hour
  • 3:30 pm End of Rest Hour
  • 3:50 pm 6th Period
  • 4:30 pm 7th Period
  • 5:10 pm Free Period
  • 5:40 pm Clean Up
  • 5:50 pm Table Girls
  • 6:05 pm Flag
  • 6:15 pm Supper
  • 7:45 pm Evening Program
  • 8:45 pm Crackers
  • 9:00 pm Call to Quarters
  • 9:20 pm Lights Out
  • 9:30 pm Taps
  • 9:40 pm Taps (Main Camp)