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Greystone serves GREAT FOOD… made from scratch and served with love! Throughout the year, campers regularly call requesting recipes for our famous cheesy chicken, hummus, scones, and bread pudding, saying they dream about Greystone food all winter long.

Under the direction of Gervais Hollowell, our hard-working kitchen crew makes everything we serve (no pre-packaged “heat and eat” at Greystone!). Every day we bake bread and build tasty meals. We do our best to see that even the most selective eater always leaves the table fully satisfied and talking about the food.

Our summer menu is fresh every week. Since it’s rare to eat the same meal twice in a session, we encourage the girls to try new foods, such as grits or meatloaf. Breakfast includes an enormous fruit bar with hot oatmeal and hard-boiled eggs, which at lunch turns into a salad bar with edamame, tofu, and an array of fresh vegetables. We make sure to offer allergen-free and vegetarian options. Lunch always ends with a fantastic dessert, such as Oreo pie, blackberry cobbler, or chocolate chip cookies. View a sample summer menu →

At Greystone, we love eating our meals family-style. Campers sit at a table with a counselor, who serves the food and leads the conversation as everyone enjoys the meal together. Campers switch tables each week, allowing them to meet new friends of all ages at mealtime. Some of the best camp friends are made over great food at your table each week!

While we eat most of our meals family style, we also enjoy picnics throughout the summer. We pair up many of our picnics with bigger camp events like Carnival and Corn Roast. We also enjoy camp-favorite picnics such as Taco in Bag.

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Selective Eaters

There is always something, even for the most selective of eaters! At breakfast, we always have fruit, berries, oatmeal, yogurt, granola, and basic cereals available. At lunch and dinner, everyone loves to eat a slice or two of homemade bread, as well as something from our huge salad bar. Most meals include hummus, hard-boiled eggs, several types of dressing, cottage cheese, soy butter, edamame, and some warm vegetarian options.

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Food Allergies

It is important for us to know of any food allergies your daughter may have. Our kitchen has several years of experience preparing allergen-free food and are eager to serve your camper! Our first step is maintaining a nut-free camp. We do not have nuts or use any nut products in our cooking at Greystone. We also do not serve shellfish. There is more information on the website about how we take care of campers with food allergies and special dietary restrictions.