Great Day Sponsors

A very special thanks to the following individuals, families, and groups who graciously donated to the Great Day Fund in 2018! If you would like to support the Fund, please visit our Donation Options page to learn how.

Great Day Fund named endowment


Great Day Counsel


Jimboy and Margaret Miller The Charlton Family

Ding How Sponsors


Andy and Elizabeth Green Ausband

Bless This Camp Sponsors


The Ashmore Foundation Erwin Smith Buck Jim and Ashley Brinson Cusack
Theo and Kim Lafferty Etzel The Fullgraf Foundation Greg and Katie Miller Grant
Gervais and Laura Green Hollowell Paige L. Lebleu John and Greer Houston Monin
Jim and Eleanor Griffin Stoker Michael and Molly Sweitzer Katherine Urevig

Pines So Bold Sponsors


Dottie Candler Baugher Cammy Bethea Perry and Roxanne Given
Mary L. Green Thomas Haas Emily Smith Houts
Ann Marshall Mary Traylor Larus Mathis Jason and Kerry Owen
Anne Marie Borrego Power Elle Prosterman Mark and Leland Hollowell Reynolds
Mary Ellen Stebbins Slutskiy Starr and Laura Meherg Teel Katherine Urquhart
Katherine. Hanemann Wade Ruthie Rand Waldrop

Happy Am I Sponsors


Jones Albritton Elly Anderson Charles Anderson
Drew Ausband Neely Ausband Wakefield Ausband
Mrs. W. H. Baggs Missy Barro Claire Beatty
Maggie Bell Jenna Thomas Black Courtney Jewett Bombeck
Georgia Claire Bourassa Margaret Boyd Kelsey Alexander Caldwell
David and Kim Costello Carmichael Lauren Christenbury Brian and Jennifer Holmes Cilker
Ygondine Sturdivant Creasy Solveig Cooney Hawk Cornwell
Catherine Crawford Fran Crook Lilly Cutshall
Matthew and Caroline Plowden Daly Mary Day Dameron Deavenport
Elizabeth Dobson Maddie Dugan Peter and Catherine Miller Elbaum
Joanie Johnson Erbskorn Hillary Franken Caroline Giraud
Mallie Given Jimmy and Laura Green Kyle and Maggie Bell Guinivan
Chris and Katharine Hamer Harley Jo Haynes Florida Ellis Huff
Matt and Allison Albergotti Homan Keith and Elizabeth McLaughlin Hope Robert and Betsy Dodenhoff. Howard
William and Sara Kesten Howell Madison Kent Sara Kolar
Lucius and Darryl Laffitte John and Duggan Childers Lansing Cat Lee
Margaret Lee Fred and Laura Sisk Luquire Georgia Lydon
Lauren McCarter Jeff and Terri Morrefield McNeill Natalie Meeks
Jane Byrdie Melton Caroline Miller John Miller
Lily Morgan Charlie and Heidi Strub Nelson Donald A. Oliver
Chris and Page Andes Morocco Constance Shaner Parramore Beth Pugh
Amelia Rhodes Frank and Katherine Mahon Robinson Pamela Sacco
Teace Markwalter Sanders Sarah Sanders Erin Bruce Saucier
Mary Silliman Bob and Anna Bryan Perry Sisk Hunter Stanfield
Carson Staples Matt and Alyson Lee Stone Betty Robertson Thurber
Caroline Tidwell Hillary Tobler Franken Elizabeth Warrington Vandenbark
David and Beth Vining Jerry and Kristi Kessler Walters Gary and Cindy Woody

Smile, Smile Sponsors


Kate Albritton Rebecca Andrews Paige Arenas
Caroline Bagley Katie Ball Ann Binkley
Nelly Blackbourn Ava Blair Cabby Brown
Meredith Buckley Caroline Cain Margaret Anne Clark
Lucy Coker Margaret Cox Payton Culler
Bethell Culpepper Joan and Thomas Culpepper Lucy Davis
Casey Driskill Merris Dukes Becca Edmonds
Alexandra England Emily Ernest Caroline Gernhauser
Peyton Grant Elizabeth Grasty Alexandra Grochowski
Annaleise Grochowski Emily Harrell Michaela Haugen
Mary Hires Lena Hooker Vivian Huff
Hunter Hyltin Ellie Kearney Kate Kennedy
Lizzie Kilcullen Margaret Killian Harrison King
Caroline King Sydney Kittrell Caroline Koman
Volina and Dudley Lyons Nina and Alex McCallie Virginia McNeill
Gracie Meeks Amy Morgan Eva Mosby
Deirdre Nally Susanna Newsom AP Nolin
Keeley O'Keefe Janey Oline Aaron Oliver
Nancy Owings Harris Owsley Rivers Owsley
Elizabeth Palmer Eva Parker Abby Patterson
Kailey Payne Mary Brooks Perkey Ellie Pierce
Mary Jane Brown Pishko Anna Ford Pittard Mary Elizabeth Plowden
Elisabeth Raulet Kathryn Renneker Elizabeth Robertson
Ciel Rodriguez Paige Rouse Erin Schickel
Cara Scott Julia Scott Amelia Schaffler
Cece Sims Kate Sory Margaret Stacy
Victoria Stark Caroline Timmerman Ellis Toms
Mae Helen Toranto Abby Umberger Virginia Waldrop
Merry Walker Charlotte Warren Suzanna Wason
Kathleen Warren Lucille Weingarten Berkley Weintritt
Emily Wicks Madden Wilbert Haley Williamson
Lauren Williamson Madeline Wright