Great Day Sponsors

A very special thanks to the following individuals, families, and groups who graciously donated to the Great Day Fund from November 2019 - December 2020! Donors from previous years can be found linked at the bottom of this page. If you would like to support the Fund, please visit our Donation Options page to learn how.

Spirit of Greystone


Scott and Tami Charlton

Great Day Counsel


The Weisiger Fleming Family Fund

Ding How Sponsors


John A. and Greer Monin

Bless This Camp Sponsors


Brie Howard Batlle Jim and Laura K. Bynum Kathryn Bynum
Hayes Bynum Doug Cain David and Kim Carmichal
Amanda Castellone Susu Day Susan Doyle
Melissa and Catherine Gray Eakes The Laura E. Dupont Foundation Ellis Foundation
Nan Freeman and The Ayco Charitable Foundation The Fullgraf Foundation Katharine Hamer
Harriett Harris Worth Hieronymus Bryan D. and Dora Hogg
Robert S. and Betsy Howard Evie Howard Hunnicutt Alli Kilby
Carrie Faucette Kolkebeck David Koon and The Bank of America Charitable Foundation Margaret Koon and The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
David and Margaret Cranford Koon Christi Lushbaugh and The Pfizer Foundation Spencer Mitchell
Catherine Olasky Rebecca Oline Anne Marie Borrego Power
Random Acts of Kindness Mark and Leland Reynolds Susanna Shannon
Rhymes Stabler Sheldon Wray Staples and Carson Reynolds Staples Michael and Molly Sweitzer
Starr and Laura Meherg Teel Katherine Urevig Claire, Desiree, and Dieter Voegele
The Whittington Family Alice Wukasch

Pines So Bold Sponsors


Martha Glenn Huether David and Kathleen Roth Kathy Spade
Jerry and Kristi Walters

Happy Am I Sponsors


Caroline Bagley Katie Brown Caroline Cain
Charlotte Cain Anna Rose Carlson Paul and Nancy Bain Cote
Anna Covington Matt and Caroline Daly Lucy Davis
Jamie and Patty Friend Douglass Maddie Dugan Mary Allen Edgerton
Sarah Carter Farmer Jared S. and Hillary Franken Margaret Bell Guinivan
Hollis Henry Worth Hieronymus Emily Smith Houts
Mary Caroline Kolar Sara Kolar Warren and Susanne Murray
Ana Obregon Stephen and Karen Parrot Mary Silliman
Bridget Sivewright

Smile, Smile Sponsors


Elizabeth Abernathy Caroline Aebersold Catherine Aebersold
Hattie Bradford Frances Bradford Virginia Brown
Whitney Bryan Paige Bryant Katie Caldwell
Jane Carby Lyla Carter Aurora Clements
Laney Coker Ella Coleman Kate Cunningham
Lillian Cutshall Adelaide Dashiff Aubrey DeAugustinis
Lola Delbridge Emily Dixon Elizabeth Driskill
Frances Dunn Mary Scott Dunn Abigail Garrison
Kate Garrison Mary Price Holmes Hannah Hsieh
Ansley Hunter Maggie Jamison Katherine Kelly
Kallee Kennedy Courtney Koenig Isabel Lee
Caroline Little Riley Lofredo Reagan Lofredo
Finley McElhaney Taylor McElhaney Georgia McGuire
Grace Mitchell Sara Moran Lillie Morgan
Lindsey Morgan Abby Muller Laura Neligan
Janey Oline Caroline Penland Chloe Pisano
Lillian Pitman Alice Pittman Claire Queally
Hadleigh Raynor Caroline Robertson Elizabeth Gregg Saleeby
Sarah Sanders Annie Schroder Caroline Sehlinger
Alyssa Theofanidis Juliette Traweek Sarah Vandercook
Virginia Waldrop Eloise Wall Jordan Wallingford
Keeny Warren Nora Whalen Allison Wolf
Keaton Wolf Eliza Grace Wood Anne Wood-Leness
Mary Wyman Woodward Virginia Zart Annabelle Zemke