Last Minute Reminders - New Camper Blog Series

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Camp is a flurry of activity as we make the final preparations for our first Opening Day of the summer! We’re cutting the grass, firing up the ovens for the scones, and welcoming our staff. Excitement is in the air!

We are just DAYS away from the start of our 100th summer, and we cannot wait to have all of our new campers here for it!

We’ve covered a lot of ground in our New Camper Blog Series, and you are ready. We’ve got just a few last minute tips and reminders, but the most important thing? Just relax and get excited - it’s going to be a great summer!

  1. Finish Packing. Go over your packing list one more time and read about “the norms” of what most campers wear. Make sure to include something for Rest Hour. Check out some of the best advice on packing from current campers and parents!
  2. Help your daughter get excited. Look at pictures and videos together of all the fun, and talk about what activities she’s most excited about. Focus on the good things she’s going to LOVE, and show her the everyday extras that will be a part of her camp days. Make a plan for letter writing and pre-write her a few letters for the first days. You can even show her what a day in the life looks like and a cabin tour of where she’ll live.
  3. Prepare for Opening Day! Learn how to bring the calm to the chaos, check out helpful hints from other parents, and read up on the basics. Even learn the best tricks for unpacking once you’re at her cabin. Extra points if you watch our Opening Day video to see what it looks like, step by step!
  4. Hug goodbye! We are going to take great care of your daughter! Read up on what our current families think every parent should know, and how health and safety work at Greystone. Need a summer game plan? We’ve got you covered! Check the photos daily to see your girl, and subscribe to the Blog for daily updates about what’s going on at camp. We’ll see you on Closing Day!

Have last minute questions? Call our office and we’d be happy to talk to you. See you soon!

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