Packing for Camp - New Camper Blog Series

Welcome New Campers! This week, we are starting a 12-week blog series as we countdown to camp, helping you – our new campers – to know the inside scoop on all things Greystone. Check back each week as we tackle a different topic preparing you for your summer at camp.

First thing we are going to talk about – Packing for camp! Packing is a ton of fun, but can be a source of many questions – do I really need all of this stuff? What other things do girls typically bring? What should I pack in? We are here to help!

First place to look? Our Packing for Camp page is a wonderful resource with our Packing Lists and other good tips. It’s a great place to get your bearings as you think about “what to bring” this summer.

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Want even more tips? We asked our Instagram followers for their best packing advice – some great answers! Here’s what our Greystone girls have to say…

As far as WHAT to pack:

  • Bunk decorations – people mentioned colorful bed sheets, personal blankets, pictures of friends and family, and more; one suggestion – go ahead and make a collage of all your pictures ahead of time so you can just hang that on your bunk when you get to camp
  • Two pairs of tennis shoes
  • Extra socks (this was the packing tip mentioned MOST!)
  • A fuzzy blanket and extra pillowcase, especially if you are a June or Main camper going on your Overnight
  • Sports watch that can get wet
  • Over the door hooks or command hooks to hang jackets, bags, etc. (you will have hooks on your bunk already, but seems like a few girls want a few more spots to hang their things)
  • Rest hour things to do – books, games to play by yourself, LOTS of stamps
  • Umbrella
  • Lots of hair ties
  • More than 10 t-shirts – you’ll be thankful to have extras (mentioned numerous times)
  • Multiple sets of whites
  • Crazy costumes and face paint

As far as HOW to pack:

  • Roll your clothes – put an entire outfit together and roll it in your bag
  • Pack each outfit (including underware and socks) in ziplock bags (this was suggested multiple times for younger campers especially)
  • Pack your toiletries in a Ziplock so nothing leaks
  • Put your clothes in plastic bins or shoeboxes with no lids; then, load them into your trunk - when you get to camp, just move the bins over to the drawer under your bed
  • Pack in a duffle bag instead of a trunk – it’s just easier

Some great packing advice from our seasoned Greystone family! Current Greystone campers or parents, did we forget anything? If so, comment below.

New campers, if have any packing questions, just comment below, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. Or, feel free to give us a call. It won’t be long until you are packing your own trunk or duffle – we can’t wait! Check back next week for more in our New Camper blog series!!