Rest Hour Suggestions - New Camper Blog Series

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Welcome back to another week of our New Camper blog series! If you haven’t seen our other posts from this year, make sure to check them out. We are covering some topics that parents specifically ask about often – you’ll find some great information!

This week we are talking about Rest Hour, our hour-long break after lunch where campers can rest and relax during the busy day. Rest Hour is a funny thing – girls either love it or dread it, usually based on their age. Younger campers have a harder time with Rest Hour – sitting on a bed for an hour…torture! Our older campers? They LOVE Rest Hour. You’ve never seen such excitement in older campers as when we announce a long Rest Hour due to an impending thunderstorm.

So, for those campers who need something to do, we’ve got some recommendations. But, first, what you need to know about Rest Hour:

  • Rest Hour happens right after lunch. Campers head back to their cabins, go to the bathroom, and then hop on their bunks.
  • Girls can’t talk or play games with others during Rest Hour. It really is alone time. Our hope is that girls will actually rest – many take a nap!
  • Counselors pass out mail during this time, so many girls will read their mail and write home during this time.

As far as what your daughter can do during Rest Hour, the possibilities are endless! It really depends on what your daughter’s interest, but here are some thoughts of things to send:

  1. Stationery: As mentioned above, many girls write letters. Send some fun stationery, colorful pens, stickers, and more.
  2. Books: Many girls bring books to read. From summer reading to fun book series that girls enjoy, reading is a popular Rest Hour activity. We also have a camp library that girls can visit and check out books, if they need more to read. Also, check out our list of camp-themed books and our Greystone Library’s favorite titles; any of these would make for a great option at camp this summer!
  3. Activity Books: Possibilities are endless here, but check out some fun sticker books, coloring books, drawing books, paint by sticker, doodle pads, and more.
  4. Crafts: Many girls love doing small crafts during Rest Hour like friendship bracelets, needlepoint, rainbow loom and bands, or other non-messy activities.
  5. Journals: Give a girl a blank journal, glitter pens, and some stickers…the possibilities are endless!

Our Greystone Store also has a whole section on Rest Hour activities; make sure to check out some more options there.

This list is a good place to start when thinking about packing – throw in one or two, and you’ll have a very happy camper.

Just to mention here, there are a few things you cannot bring for Rest Hour: electronic devices of any kind (including Kindles or other e-readers), slime or putty, or any noisy toys or games.

Have any more questions? Let us know below!

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