Health and Safety - New Camper Blog Series

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Welcome back to another week of our New Camper Blog Series as we help prepare YOU, our new camper families, for your first summer at camp. This week we’re diving into a topic that many parents want to know about – how do you keep all of these girls safe and healthy at camp? Let’s get going!

At Greystone, we have 8 nurses and a doctor at camp at all times. This very large staff of health professionals is available day and night to help in small or big ways to make sure our campers stay safe and healthy.

Speaking of staying safe, we have a VERY safe camp! In all of our 100 years of doing camp, we have never had a major accident or injury. We see the Lord’s protection on this place and are grateful for that. We also train our staff extensively in safety procedures, making accidents and injuries few and far between. Our staff knows what to do and is quick to move into action, even if a camper just needs a Band-Aid for a skinned knee. Our campers are well cared for at camp! Want to know more? Check out a short video with our Owner and Director Jimboy, as he explains Safety at Greystone.

But what if something does happen or a camper gets sick? Here’s the gist of what you need to know about Health at camp:

  1. Health Hut: We call our health facility the Health Hut, and it is located centrally in our cabin area. You will visit it on Opening Day to drop off any medications and can meet one of our nurses.
  2. Pill Hill: Connected to the Health Hut is Pill Hill, the place where girls will pick up any daily medications that they need to take. We have all the medications organized and ready to go, so girls move through this line quickly when they stop by.
  3. Sick Call: If a camper isn’t feeling well, we have two designated times during the day when she can stop by to get checked out. Our resident doctor is in the Health Hut during Sick Call and is available to see any girls that need to see a doctor – just like going to the Pediatrician at home.
  4. Open Door Policy: While we have two designated times when the doctor is waiting to see campers, our Health Hut is open 24/7, meaning if a camper needs something, she can just stop by. From a Band-Aid to a bee sting, the nurses are always available.
  5. Down and Out: If a camper has a fever or is throwing up, we have a special room in our Health Hut where these girls can stay until they feel better. With air conditioning, a huge selection of movies, and the special care from our nurses, we sometimes have to kick girls out of the Health Hut as they like staying there so much!
  6. Local Connections: We have connections with many doctors in the nearby cities of Hendersonville, Asheville, and Greenville, which allows for us to have a great network of health professionals we can contact if needed. If the camp health staff determines that a camper needs further evaluation in town (say for lab work or x-rays), we take her, letting you know and keeping in communication throughout the process.
  7. Contacting Parents: If we have any concern while your daughter is at camp, we will call you. If your daughter needs to spend the night in the Health Hut, needs prescription medication, has to go to town to see a doctor, or needs to change her schedule due to an injury, we will let you know.
  8. Health Forms: As part of the Forms you fill out in the spring, you will be able to share all health related information with our Health staff before the summer. Our Health Director and Head Nurse pour over these forms before each session, making sure we are informed about each camper. If they have any questions, they reach out to you!

The main thing to know? The health and safety of your daughter is a HUGE priority to us at camp. A healthy and safe camp makes for a great summer, and we want to have the BEST summer! If you ever have any questions, either before camp about health and safety, or during the summer when your daughter is a camper, reach out! We would love to answer all of your questions. You can also find more information on our Health Care information page on our website.

Join us next week for another New Camper blog – in the meantime, have a great week!