Unpacking Guide from a Parent Perspective - New Camper Blog Series

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Hi everyone! I am Greer, the mom of a current Greystone camper who can’t wait until the summer! Our daugther has gone to Junior Camp, June Camp, and is now a Main camper. I grew up going to Camp Greystone, I’ve had a niece at camp for the last 10 years, and yet unpacking our daughter was daunting the first summer! But don’t worry, it’s super easy if you keep reading!

  1. Make your daughter’s bed first. We’ve found it’s the first place she’ll want to sit down to chat with friends or unpack her things.
  2. Once you make the bed, give your daughter all of the things that will go on the shelf beside her bed. Their bedside shelf is a great place to house stationery, pens, stamps, her Bible, books, pictures, water bottles, hair accessories, bag, and fan.
  3. Next we start unpacking towels and bathroom items. Hang one bath towel and one beach towel on your daughter’s hook in the bathroom area. You will see a shelf in the bathroom for her toiletries caddy.
  4. Put all extra towels on the bed until the trunk is pretty empty. When it’s time we put extra towels, dress up items, odds/evens items, and extra laundry bag in the trunk (which will go out on the porch for the remainder of camp).
  5. Each camper gets one big drawer under her bed. This is where you will organize all of her clothes, pjs, bathing suits, etc. You can buy plastic dividers at Target before you get to camp or just organize neatly into rows.
  6. Hang up a laundry bag on the railing or hook of your daughter’s bed and maybe store a tennis racquet there, too!
  7. Leave a pair of flip flops by her bed and put all other shoes and boots on the front porch in the shoe rack.
  8. Kiss your new Greystone girl, squeeze her tight, and know that you’re leaving her well organized for the best time of her life!