Enjoying the Camp Photos - New Camper Blog Series

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Welcome back to another Tuesday in the New Camper Blog series! We are getting so close to camp…we can’t wait! This week, we’re focusing on the more “parent specific” topic of Photos. We take thousands and thousands of photos each summer. Today, we’re going to share all the great tips for managing (and enjoying!) the summer photos.

How do I view photos? Viewing photos is easy! Login to your Greystone account and click on the Photos link; it will show all photos we are uploading during each session.

What’s the best way to make it through all the photos? Jimboy suggests using the Favorites feature to quickly scan photos. In the top left corner of each photo, you can click on the Add to Favorites button, which will quickly add the photo to your Favorites. Then, you can head to your Favorites folder to look at just those photos you’ve selected. This helps so you’re not having to click on every single photo as you go through each day, trying to figure out if your daughter is in the picture. Instead, just look through a small amount within your Favorites folder.

Can I download the photos? Yes! We allow free downloads for your pictures! Hover over each photo to see the download options. This makes for an easy way to keep your best pictures for years to come.

What if I don’t see my daughter in many pictures? First recommendation? Make sure to tell your daughter BEFORE she goes to camp that you want to see her in pictures. While we have camp cameras snapping photos all over the place, some girls are much more inclined to jump in front of the cameras than others. Let your daughter know that you want to see her! Also, just know that some days we take more pictures than others (based on our staff, the weather, etc.) – if you don’t see your daughter one day, chances are you’ll see her within the next day or two. If you haven’t seen your daughter in a while, shoot her a quick email and tell her to jump in front of that camera!

A few more things to know about pictures…

  • We do our best to find the right balance between quantity (because all parents want to see their child) and quality (getting that beautiful tennis shot as your daughter sends the ball over the net); over the course of the session, our photos will vary in both of these areas as well.
  • Because of our large community, we cannot take photo requests. We try to snag photos at every class period over the course of each session, so keep your eyes peeled to see if you don’t eventually see your daughter in each of her activities. Also, if you want a special picture (like one of your 2 daughters together), make sure to tell them ahead of time! The best way to make that happen is for you to ask them to jump in front of the camera together when they see a camp photographer.

What about Videos? In the past few years, we have started uploading short videos of different events at camp – you’ll love seeing the girls in action! To view these, login to your account and click on the Videos link.

We hope you enjoy looking through our photos (and videos!) this summer. If you’re a returning parent and have some photo tips, comment below to share your wisdom!