Traditions Packing - New Camper Blog Series

Welcome back New Campers to our New Camper blog series. If you have missed any of our recent blogs, make sure to check them out! This week, we’re going to touch on a few packing elements of camp, specifically packing for our camp traditions.

We have many traditions we celebrate each summer, and you can read about many of them on our Special Events page. While we give you a general list of what to pack in our Parent Handbook and on our website, many new campers wished they had a better idea of what other campers actually bring. Today, we’ll answer that question! So what Traditions type of clothes do you need? We recommend…

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All Sessions:

Fun dress up clothes: it is hard to explain exactly what girls bring as there is a HUGE range of options. Usually, girls bring old Halloween costumes, dance outfits, or other dress up clothes they may have. Anything silly and fun will work! Check out some of the pictures in this post to see the wide range of outfits we see at camp.

Green and Gold clothes: To celebrate and enjoy our team competition, you’ll need some green or gold clothing. We have a green team and a gold team, and you won’t find out which team you are on until you arrive at camp, so you’ll want to pack clothes for both. So what do our campers usually bring? Most girls will bring a green and gold t-shirt, which makes your team color easy to see. On top of that, girls like accessorizing with some fun “extras” like big hair bows, silly glasses, crazy hair, necklaces, and bright socks. You don’t need ALL of these things, but bringing something fun along with your t-shirt makes the events that much more exciting.

Since you won’t know your team color until you arrive, you can either just go ahead and pack for both teams, or buy one of our “team bags” from our Greystone Store. You order these ahead of time (you’ll get an email about them on May 1), and the Store will have these “ready to go” for you on Opening Day.

Main Camp:

Fourth of July outfits: We love celebrating the 4th of July with our huge Main Camp Carnival! As far as what to pack, just some fun red, white, and blue clothes. Girls like bringing fun or funny America shirts, funny headbands, patriotic shorts, and more. We also usually hand out a fun 4th of July t-shirt and other giveaways, like tattoos and necklaces. So, you really don’t need to bring much!

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Corn Roast: Our big bluegrass celebration, girls like dressing like they are “going to the farm” for this event. You’ll see lots of cowboy boots, overalls and/or cut-off blue jean shorts, and plaid button downs. It’s also common to see girls wearing funny t-shirts, like a shirt covered in corn. You can go either way when you dress up!

Derby Day: We love celebrating our riders with our very own Derby celebration. Girls love wearing sundresses and some wear big Derby-style hats. If you’re not the hat-wearing kind, then you don’t need to worry about bringing anything else special, as one of your church dresses will work great for this event.

Have any further questions on what girls actually bring for these events? Let us know! Comment below or give us a call – we’re happy to help! Until next week girls!