Packing Cheat Sheet - New Camper Blog Series

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Welcome back new camper families! It’s been a busy week up here at Greystone, as we have just opened all of our Summer Forms – it makes all of us feel like the summer is coming! Our Parent Handbooks have mailed (and you can find an online version of it too); it is a great resource to help answer all of those questions you may have before the summer.

As we’ve just rolled out all of summer information in the past week, let’s talk about packing today! Packing is one of the most exciting parts when preparing for camp and one of those topics we receive the most questions about. Parents want to know: What do I really need? What do most girls bring? What’s the best way to pack everything to even get our stuff to camp? What do we do with all of the stuff once we arrive at camp? Today, we’re providing a one-stop resource to find answers to all of your packing questions – let’s go!

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Packing Suggestions:

We have a wealth of knowledge on our website about packing already. First, you’ll want to check out our Packing List for Junior Camp and our Packing List for June, Main, and August Camps. You can print these off and use them as a guide for getting ready. There is also a copy of these in the Parent Handbook.

New this year! We have just rolled out a new page on our website that was made specifically for YOU, our new camper families. This Packing Norms page shows you pictures for reference and also links to items that we commonly see girls bring to camp. You will already have so many of these things, but if you are needing to buy anything extra, we give you some links to common items to help show you what many families bring. Take a look, as this is a helpful resource!

Other Resources:

We also have a slew of other resources already on our website, but don’t let all of these many links overwhelm you! These additional links are for the diehard fans and those moms that want to know all of the facts. If you want to only stick to the basics, check out the information above – the packing lists and the Packing Norms page – it’s really everything you need. But for the diehard fans, here are some more resources:

  • Check out our Helpful Hints page, which includes some great suggestions on what to pack and even how to pack (trunk or duffel, organizing your drawer, and more).
  • Read a handful of New Camper blogs about packing to get you started: Packing Tips from seasoned Greystone girls, how to pack for Special Events, and also learn all about Greystone Style.
  • Search through our Bunks and Decorating page to understand details on what to bring for your bed (and also what not to bring).
  • Watch this video on how to pack your luggage for Opening Day. It provides some great insight on how luggage will arrive to your cabin on your first day.
  • Get advice on packing from a current mom! This Packing from a Mom Perspective post from a few years ago is still a wonderful resource and gives some great suggestions.
  • Figure out if you want to be Structured or Spontaneous with your packing, a great perspective from a current mom on how to pack your clothes.
  • Learn how to Unpack Your Things, also written by a current parent. In this post, you’ll find a great list of all the different types of things to unpack, which will help you better understand the cabin set up.
  • Watch this Cabin Tour video, which goes along with the Unpacking blog. We walk you through a cabin and show you how a cabin is laid out. The BEST part of the video is seeing what other girls bring – you’ll get some great ideas! One thing to note: campers must bring sheets with them now (we no longer provide them), but we do still provide each girl with a blanket on Opening Day.
  • Make sure to bookmark this main Packing page on our website, which references many great resources and helps you find them quickly.

There you have it! All of the information you need (and more information than you’ll ever need!) to be packed and ready for the summer. Have any additional questions about packing? Let us know below! We will see you back here next week as we continue our New Camper Blog series!