Greystone Style - New Camper Blog Series

Welcome back New Campers! It’s time for week 2 of our New Camper blog series. This week, we are here to talk about Greystone Style – what campers are into and what you see around camp.

One of the best parts about Greystone is the wide-range of personalities and interests you will see at camp – it makes it difficult to pinpoint a certain “style” for our large camp body. However, our New Campers last year wished they had known what “styles” you see around camp quite consistently…so here you go.

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T-shirts – on an everyday, day-to-day basis, the majority of girls just wear a good-ole t-shirt. Most girls wear one during the day, take a shower in the late afternoon, and put another one on for dinner. It’s definitely the thing you see most!

Athletic shorts – paired up with the t-shirt, most girls wear comfortable athletic shorts all the time. You will see quite a few Nike shorts around camp!

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Across the body backpacks – you will definitely need some sort of bag to carry your things throughout the day. This can be a book bag or a tote-type of bag…your choice. In the past few years, we have seen quite a few across the body backpacks (like a Kavu bag) – a good size and easy to carry wherever you go!

Chacos – when you ask what type of shoes to bring to camp, everyone always says Chacos…and they are a great option. They stay on your foot when you are running around and are very sturdy. There are many great sandals like Chacos that will work well; just know, you will see many Chacos at Greystone!

Crazy Creek chairs – these chairs come in handy all over the place…at our picnic dinners, sitting around your cabin playing card games, watching an outdoor movie…you will see many Crazy Creek chairs (and can also purchase one through our Greystone Store).

Nail polish – if you have some, I’d recommend bringing it. There’s nothing better than a nail painting party on a Sunday afternoon.

Rainboots – these are a must! You’ll see a huge range of boots, but many girls have the tall boots that reach to their knee.

Crazy costumes – think you have a costume that is too crazy for camp? Impossible! Campers bring lots of fun dress up clothes, and the sky is the limit. Many past campers mentioned “crazy socks” when we asked about packing for camp – a good option indeed!

Just remember, these are only a few of the things you will see many campers wearing around camp, but none are necessary. We just want you to know the inside scoop before you get here.

Girls who have been to Greystone before, what’s not on the list that you’d consider Greystone Style? Comment below!

See you next week for more inside scoop as part of our New Camper blog series!