Daily Snacks and Food Alleriges - New Camper Blog Series

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Oh goodness folks – today we are talking about one of my favorite camp topics – FOOD! There’s no better time to be reading our New Camper Blog series than today, as camp food is a very popular topic here at Greystone. In fact, we’ve already done a few new camper blogs about camp food in previous years:

So, food’s already been well talked about here on the blog – what more is there to say? Today, we are going talk about all of the daily extra food we offer at camp, as well as some more specific information about food allergies. Let’s jump in!

Daily Snacks:

Every day, we serve three homemade, delicious meals in our Dining Hall. However, with all the moving, running, swimming, jumping, laughing, and sliding you do in a day, you may find yourself hungry. No need to worry! One of the BEST parts about Greystone is how much food we provide for free!! You don’t have to spend money in a snack shop; instead we’ve got you covered throughout the day:

  • Apple Cart: During your 3rd period class, we deliver apples to all of our program areas. There is nothing like a cold apple in the middle of the morning.
  • Ice Huts: We have three ice huts around camp (that have amazing pellet ice!) where you can pick up a snack if you’re hungry. These have Beanitos bean chips, string cheese, granola bars, or other tasty, protein-filled options.
  • Watermelon Table: After Rest Hour, before your afternoon classes, you can swing by our Watermelon Table to snag a slice of cold watermelon to fill you up.
  • Candy Shoppe: When we finish dinner (or after Rest Hour at Junior), you can visit our Candy Shoppe, where you can snag a sweet, savory, or healthy snack. This year, we’re adding in even more options and trying some different things – it’s going to be fun!
  • Crackers: When Evening Program ends, girls love swinging by the Dining Hall to grab 2 vanilla wafer “crackers” before heading to bed. This one last snack will hold you over if you’re hungry at night.

Remember, all of these options are FREE and are available everyday. You won’t go hungry at camp!

Allergies and Picky Eaters:

We have girls that come to camp with many different food allergies, and we can accommodate most of them. We work to provide alternatives to foods that contain the “Big 8” major food allergies (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy), and don’t cook with any peanut products (we are peanut-free!).

We also provide many options for those with allergies, or even those who are picky eaters. Our fruit and salad bars have so many options, even beyond fruit and salad. At breakfast, you’ll see yogurt, granola, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, and more. For lunch and dinner, you’ll see hummus, soy butter, cottage cheese, edamame, and typically a vegetarian option (if needed). From the start, you’ll have many foods to choose from!

Our staff is also great with helping to come up with alternative food options. For example, if we are serving salmon for dinner and you don’t like it, our staff can help come up with options like a soy butter and honey sandwich.

A great place to read even more about how we handle Allergies at camp is by visiting our Food Allergies specific page. You’ll get the inside scoop, as we look at all the aspects of food allergies.

Finally, we have a great video that gives you an insiders look at our Dining Hall, and towards the end, we talk about Food Allergies specifically – it’s a great way to hear what we do, coming straight from our Kitchen Directors.

Have more questions about food? Ask away! We can’t wait for you to try our camp food – campers love it!