7 Things you may not know about Eating - New Camper Blog Series

If you start talking to a current Greystone camper, it won’t take long before she starts gushing about the food. Our camp food is not your typical camp food – we make most everything from scratch, have tons of options, switch things up so you rarely eat a meal twice, and the food just plain tastes awesome. It’s unique to find food this good at a summer camp, and we are very proud of it!

This week, we are going to be looking at 7 different things you may not know about eating at Greystone. Last year, we really looked at the Dining Hall, so if you’re wanting some more details about how that works, make sure to check out our Dining Hall post.

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  1. After Rest Hour at all of our sessions, we have a Watermelon table set up near the Dining Hall. It’s a great chance to grab a cold, fresh slice of delicious watermelon before heading off to your afternoon classes.

  2. What do we drink with our meals? Lots of different things! You will have water served with every meal, and we ask all of our campers to drink a glass of water before moving on to any other drinks. We have a “milk cow” (as we call it) always available in our salad bar room, so you can grab milk at every meal as well. At breakfast, you can enjoy some sort of juice, and then at lunch and dinner we usually have sweet tea, lemonade, or bug juice.

  3. Most of our meals are eaten in the Dining Hall, but we also have picnics throughout the week, when you will eat with your cabinmates. We always eat a picnic on Carnival night. Taco in a Bag picnic is the camp favorite picnic!

  4. At June and Main camp, we have Sleep Late Friday on some Friday mornings - we love it! After you sleep-in an extra hour, your counselor will pick up your breakfast, so you can eat in your cabin. Sometimes we’re even spoiled with doughnuts!

  5. On Sundays at our longer sessions, we eat a few of our meals a little different because the schedule is a little different. We do a buffet breakfast on Sunday morning that is a real treat – sugar cereal, sweet Georgia muffins, yogurt, bananas, and more, it’s fun to eat something different on this day. For dinner, we have a picnic with your cabin, as we enjoy miniature pizzas, sandwich fixings (new this year!), and some favorites dishes from the week.

  6. Candy Shoppe is a highlight of the camp day. At Junior, campers will grab a small candy treat after Rest Hour, before their afternoon classes. At our longer sessions, campers can go to Candy Shoppe after dinner before Evening Program. We offer everything from ice cream sandwiches to skittles to popcorn; it is free and is enjoyed every day at camp. (Just for some insider scoop, you can get many treats frozen, so our campers have fun names for them: FritFrats (frozen skittles), Frilky Way (frozen milky way), etc.)

  7. We are peanut-free at camp! We don’t serve any food that contains peanuts, including down in our Candy Shoppe area. We do offer some peanut butter alternatives, like soy butter or sunflower butter, on our salad bar most days. Many campers will make a “peanut butter” sandwich with our delicious camp bread.

Our food is really great, and we cannot wait for you to join us for a meal at Greystone soon! Make sure to check out our other New Camper blog posts from this year. Until next week!