The Dining Hall - New Camper Blog Series

Our Dining Hall is a favorite location in camp…hands down. Because our campers rave about our food, everyone looks forward to meals in the Dining Hall. We get a lot of questions about the food and how the Dining Hall works, so hopefully this post will answer many of your questions.

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Where you sit: We sit at square tables that seat 8 people. At your table, you will have at least one counselor, and you will sit at the same table for a week at a time. The very first week of camp, you choose where you would like to sit in the Dining Hall; many campers will sit with cabin mates or will sit at their counselor’s table. After that, you will rotate tables each week of your session so that you can enjoy making new friends.

How we eat: We eat family-style at Greystone…your table counselor (or table girl) will pick up big platters of food before the meal begins. Your table counselor will then serve all of the plates…then, you will eat like one big family! When you run out of food, you take your big platter back up to one of our kitchen windows and have them refilled. At the end of the meal, we stack all of the dirty dishes onto a tray and take them back up to the kitchen windows so they can be washed for the next meal.

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The food: First thing to know…our food is outstanding. We really do make everything from scratch, and our campers talk about how wonderful the food is all the time. It is one of the most anticipated parts of the summer. You will love trying the food and will soon have your favorite Greystone meal, just like the rest of our campers!

The fruit and salad bar: We offer many options at every meal, especially through our fruit and salad bar. Every morning at breakfast, we have a fruit bar that typically has multiple kinds of fruit, granola, greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, a green smoothie drink, and more. At lunch and dinner, our salad bar typically includes lettuce, salad vegetables, homemade dressings, edamame, croutons and/or seeds, a vegetarian option, cottage cheese, hummus, and more. Our kitchen crew will update, change out, and vary these options throughout each session but just know, there is always something fun and new to find there!

Greystone staples: There are a few food things you can count on having at camp, some “Greystone staples,” if you will. Every morning, we always have cereal available before we eat any hot food. We also typically have water, orange juice, and milk available each morning. At lunch and/or dinner, we usually offer our homemade bread to go along with each meal (a camp favorite). On each table, you will find honey to add a little sweet to your bread or cereal. We usually have sweet tea at least once per day, and often have either bug juice or lemonade at the other meal. We also have dessert after both lunch and dinner each day. These are just a few “staples” you can look forward to having each day at camp.

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After the meal: When we are done eating, we always end the meal singing some Greystone songs…you will learn these quickly as we sing them over and over again! At breakfast, Jimboy will lead us in our Breakfast Club tradition to get us ready for the day. We will then end each meal with a few announcements before being dismissed for the rest of the day.

Picky eaters and Food allergies: We are a nut-free camp and also offer many options for those with gluten and dairy allergies. With the wide range of food on our fruit and salad bars, even those who are picky or need to avoid certain foods have some wonderful options. If you have any questions, please let us know!

We cannot wait for you to join us in the Dining Hall soon!