Learn Some Greystone Songs - New Camper Blog Series

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Welcome back for another week in our New Camper Blog series. I hope these posts have been answering so many of your questions. We have some GREAT posts over the next few weeks as we get closer to camp, so keep following along with us as we count down to the summer.

This week are tackling our Greystone music. A few weeks ago, we talked about how music is a big part of camp in general, and we even gave you a fun way to listen to many of the Greystone songs we sing in our Dining Hall. We love singing our Greystone songs, and today, we’re going to help teach you some of our favorite songs that we sing over and over.

Last summer, we grabbed some of our cabin groups and had them help explain the songs and show you some of the motions. Below, you’ll find our most popular of those songs – we really do sing these over and over! There is no need to learn these before the summer, but many of our new campers in the past wished that they had at least heard or seen the songs before they came to camp…so here you go!

You’ll pick up on these songs quickly when you arrive; no need to worry! Enjoy!


Happy Am I

The Breakfast Club Song

When a Greystone Girl Goes Walking

Hello Libby


I Want to Be Friendly