Food Allergies

What We Serve

At Greystone we serve a wide variety of fresh, healthy food at every meal. We also have fresh fruit at breakfast and a complete salad option at both lunch and dinner. We do our very best to assure that every camper finds food they can eat and enjoy at each meal, even if they come to camp with food allergies or are just a picky eater at home.

There will always be an alternative for each of the “Big 8” major food allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy). We do not serve or cook with any nut products and will offer Soy Butter on the salad bar for a healthy protein alternative. When planning our allergy alternative dishes, we do our best to match those dishes as closely as possible to the meal being served. For example, if we are having spaghetti for dinner, we will also serve gluten-free noodles and a vegetarian sauce. Sometimes our alternative dishes will not match the “theme” of the served meal (if we are serving Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches, our vegetarian option will be veggie burgers). We might not have a yummy dairy-free Oreo Creme Pie, but campers will enjoy our great dairy-free Cheesecake! For speciality food items (ordered for specific events), we will offer an allergy-free Candy Shoppe alternative, if a suitable duplicate of the allergy item is not available.

As we prepare food in the Greystone Kitchen, our staff is paying close attention to cross-contamination. So if your daughter is allergic to watermelon, she does not need to worry about us slicing watermelon and then cutting pineapple without cleaning the cutting board and knife. While we take great care in preparing allergy-safe food, we cannot guarantee that your daughter will not come in contact with foods she may be allergic to.

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Our Variety

Many of our campers with food allergies will eat from our extensive salad options or fruit options, rather than eat the main course alternatives, because of the tasty selections provided at each meal. Click here to see a sample menu and what is offered with our salad and fruit options. (In 2021, we will be updating how we serve fruit and salad, but the same types of options will still be available). If your daughter still finds herself hungry throughout the day, she can always stop by our ice huts to grab a snack, such as Beanitos Black Bean Chips (gluten-, dairy-, egg-, and peanut-free), String Cheese, or Granola Bars (gluten-, dairy-, egg-, and peanut-free). On top of that, we deliver apples to every activity area everyday as a mid-morning snack, and watermelon is provided after Rest Hour.

Food Allergen Labeling

The food offered at camp (from meals served in the Dining Hall to Candy Shoppe to treats at Evening Program) follows the FDA guidelines. We check all ingredient labels to be aware of which products contain the major allergens. We do not abide by “May Contain” or “Processed in a Facility” labels. If your daughter has a gluten allergy, she may be served ingredients that were “processed in a facility that also processes gluten.” If you would like to read more about the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act, click here to visit the FDA’s website.

Face to Face

Whether it’s your first year or fifth year, we encourage all campers with food allergies (and their parents), to stop by the Dining Hall on Opening Day to meet Gervais, our Kitchen Director. He loves putting a face to your daughter’s name, so he can learn what she’s allergic to and make sure she’s getting enough to eat each day. He will also show you which window to come up to at the beginning of the meal to receive the alternative food and double check which food is safe to eat. For summer 2021, we encourage parents to before the summer to talk to him about any of your concerns. We will ensure your daughter knows what to do and where to go when she arrives.