Ready for Camp - New Camper Blog Series

New camper families, it is our final week in our New Camper Blog series! Thanks for joining us this year. The start of our camp season is just a week away, and we know camp is on your mind. If you have any questions before the summer, we are just a phone call away, so please reach out!

As you’re completing the final things on your camp to-do list, don’t forget these important ways to get ready for the summer:

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  • Print Off that Packing List. Based on the number of questions in our Parent Facebook page right now, we’re guessing many of you have already done this, but if not, now is the time! Don’t wait until the last minute to see what you may need to find. Here is the Junior/August packing list and the June/Main packing list. And don’t forget to find a few things to bring for Rest Hour!

  • Book a place to stay. If you are coming from far away, go ahead and make a hotel reservation, if you haven’t already. We’ve got a great list on our website!

  • Subscribe to our Blog. We post a new blog everyday during the summer, and it is the best way to get a feel for all-things-camp during your daughter’s session. You can read about the great food, the weather, the fun Evening Programs, and more. Click the Subscribe button on our Blog page so you’re ready.

  • Sign up for photo facial recognition. We will send you an email about 2 weeks before the start of your session with this information about our photo facial recognition options, but go ahead and register, if you’re interested. You can read about the two options we are offering this summer on our Photos page.

  • Review our suggestions on preparing for camp. Don’t forgt to check out our list of skills your daughter can be practicing as she prepares for the summer. Talk through these things before you arrive!

  • Be careful in your activities in the week before camp. We want to start with a healthy community, so make sure to be careful with what you’re doing before your session begins. If your daguhter is feeling sick or has been exposed to anyone sick, make sure to give our Health Hut a call (828-693-9841).

  • Prepare for Opening Day. Make sure to watch our video from two years ago to see how the process works. It’s a good place to start, even though many of the procedures have changed (i.e. no more masks or Health Log). Make sure to check your arrival time, and then read up on what it will be like when girls arrive at their cabins and how the rest of Opening Day will work. Get excited; it is so much fun!

  • Prepare for Goodbye. The drop off process is very quick; we’ll have you in and out in about 3 minutes! We’d recommend reading up on how to Prepare for Goodbye before you even arrive. Give your big hug before you hop in the car on Opening Day morning. If you prolong the drop off process, it is only going to make it harder on your daughter!

  • Get Excited! Camp is SO MUCH FUN, and we are going to have a wonderful summer. Watch some videos, look at pictures throughout website and on our Instagram, and talk about all of the fun your daughter will have.

We can’t wait! If you have any questions between now and your Opening Day, we are happy to help. We can’t wait to see you in a few short weeks!!

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