Arriving at Your Cabin on Opening Day - New Camper Blog Series

Camp is only a month away, and we are so excited here at camp. The weather is warming up, the projects are wrapping up, and the energy is just contagious as we are putting the final touches on the summer. You will be here soon!

As we are nearing the start of the summer, we know Opening Day is on your mind. In our most recent COVID announcements, we updated you on the Opening Day process. Next week we will be sharing a video on exactly how the drop-off process is going to work. But today, we are going to talk about what happens after drop-off; what happens after you hug your parents goodbye and walk up to your cabin on Opening Day? Let’s find out!

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Walking to your cabin: After you hug your family goodbye, our staff will walk you up to your cabin, showing you exactly where to go. You’ll finally be at your summer home and ready to start your session!

Meeting your counselor: The first thing you’ll do is walk in the cabin and meet your counselor. She will be so excited to finally meet you! Many of our cabins at our longer sessions will have two counselors this year, so you’ll have double the counselor fun on Opening Day. Your counselor will give you your very own cabin nametag (a Greystone tradition!).

Finding your bunk: Your counselor will help you find your bunk, which will be labeled for you when you arrive. She will introduce you to your cabinmates so that you can start making friends right away.

Settling into your space: As you’re making your way up to your cabin, your luggage will be on its way to your cabin as well. We will drive your luggage to you on our big trailers, and we will have staff ready to bring it to your cabin when it arrives. Once your luggage makes it to your cabin, it will be time to make your bunk space your own! Your counselor will help you unpack your clothes into the drawer below your bunk and will also help you to make your bed. You can put your toiletries in the bathroom and hang any pictures on your bunk. It will be so much fun!

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Taking a camp tour: Once everyone arrives in your cabin, your whole group will be able to take a tour of camp. You’ll see where you will have classes, where we will enjoy Evening Programs, and so much more. While on your tour, your cabin will stop and get your health check where we will make sure you are feeling great and that your hair is lice-free!

Enjoying your first Greystone scone: If you have ever talked to a returning Greystone camper about Opening Day, you’ll already know about our scones – they are camp-famous! You’ll love trying one on your first day of camp.

The rest of the day: The morning will go quickly as you settle into your cabin and take a tour – before you know it, it will be time for lunch. You’ll picnic with your cabin and then enjoy your first Rest Hour (which isn’t a real Rest Hour, but instead a time to meet your Group Leader and go over some cabin details). We’ll have a welcome assembly in the afternoon and then enjoy some fun afternoon activities (including completing your swim check and taking your cabin photo). Soon, it will be time for our first dinner together in the new Fort and then our first Evening Program to round out the night.

Opening Day is such an exciting time, and it is a day packed full of fun. From meeting your counselor to trying a scone, you’ll love settling in to camp. Have any questions about how the day will work? Let us know below! And, be on the lookout for our Opening Day video next week.

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