Last Minute Tips - New Camper Blog Series

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Camp is almost here and we could not be happier about it!! The grass is cut, the staff are arriving, and we are busy putting the final touches on our 99th summer before we open the gates to welcome YOU.

We’ve covered so many topics in our New Camper Blog Series, but we have just a few last minute reminders as you’re gearing up for the summer!

  • Watch some camp videos to get excited! We especially recommend our Advice for New Campers and What Camp Feels Like videos. You’ll be bouncing out of your seat to be here!
  • Write your Penpal one last time! You can even set up a place to meet on Opening Day.
  • Get excited about all the great classes you’re going to take! Junior Campers, your schedule is already made, and you’ll be thrilled to jump into classes right away. June, Main, and August Campers, take one last look at the classes we are offering, as well as our campers’ best scheduling tips. All our classes are awesome, so you can’t go wrong!
  • Take one last look at our Staff Profiles to learn all about our summer counselors. We LOVE our staff, and you are going to love them too. They already can’t wait to meet you!
  • Start packing! Make sure to check out our Packing page for all the packing lists and FAQ’s you could want!
  • Take a deep breath and just get excited! We know we give you lots of information before you come, but all you truly need is an open heart and a smile. We will take great care of you while you’re here - you don’t have to worry about anything! We have SO many fun things planned for you, and you are going to love every minute!
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Let us know if you have any last minute questions before you arrive. We can’t wait to see you so soon!

Summer 99, here we come!