Advice for New Campers - New Camper Blog Series

We’ve got another great video for you this week as part of our New Camper blog series. Part of being a new camper is just figuring out the ins and outs of camp life. We try to give you as much information as we can on our website, in our New Camper Sparks, in our different spring mailings, on the blog, and more…but no matter how much we tell you about Greystone, it is hard to get the true feel of what it is like until you actually arrive.

Check out this video where our campers give YOU, our new campers, advice before you even arrive. But also, don’t worry - when you arrive at camp, you will quickly learn all you need to know, and there are SO MANY people who will help you along the way. You’ll be a camp-pro in not time. And, get excited…camp is awesome!