Scheduling Tips from Campers - New Camper Blog Series

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Another week, which means another New Camper blog! Today, we’ve asked our best resource for tips on Scheduling – our current campers. After giving you the ins and outs of scheduling already, we had many of our current campers speak up with their best advice on scheduling your camp classes.

How Scheduling Works:

Junior Camp: If you are a Junior camper, you really don’t have to worry about too many of these scheduling tips below. You will preschedule your classes through your Online forms this spring, and our Junior directors pay special attention to find you the right balance. However, some of these tips will be helpful when you’re thinking about what classes to take (for example, a mix of active and relaxing is something good to remember)!

June, Main, and August Camps: At our longer sessions, we schedule classes after parents leave on Opening Day. Your counselor will be the BEST resource in terms of making your schedule. It is great to think about what class options you are interested in taking before you arrive, even coming with a list of your top options. Check out these tips below as you’re thinking about your favorites.

Tips from our Current Campers:


  • Schedule all water activities back to back so you can just stay in your swimsuit.
  • Don’t take water classes right before lunch so you’re not wet in the Dining Hall.
  • Pick one day for water classes and one day without water classes, so you’re only in a bathing suit every other day.
  • Take water classes first thing in the day; there are less people and it’s fun if you like a polar plunge! (NOTE: this is a great suggestion! Most campers want to take water classes late in the day as it is warmer, but if you want maximum time on the blob or in the pool, earlier is definitely less crowded).


  • Schedule your last class near your cabin so you can get back quickly to take a shower.
  • Put classes close together so you’re not going from high ropes to archery (NOTE: this was the number one tip mentioned TONS of times by many campers. Your counselor can tell you where classes are located so you’re not running all over the place. Our camp map is another great place to start).


  • Pick classes with some friends so you have a buddy in your classes.
  • See what your cabinmates are taking and try something with them.


  • Take a good mix of active classes and relaxing classes.
  • Rotate between an active class and calmer class so you have a good mix.
  • Take some classes that you don’t have the chance to do at home.
  • Take cooking between breakfast and lunch so you have a snack during the day.

Try Something New

  • You’ll definitely want to try something new!
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things!
  • Make a list of your top 5, and schedule those first .
  • Ask your counselor. She can give you suggestions on new classes and what she’s teaching.
  • Branch out!
  • Do something outside of your comfort zone.

Some really great advice straight from our current campers! If you have any more scheduling questions, speak up! Comment below or give us a call. And, don’t forget to check out our basic scheduling information from last week. See you back here next week for more New Camper blogs!

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