Penpal Bucket List Contest

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To some March means basketball, to others it’s an excuse to pull out all your green, but at Greystone it’s one of our FAVORITE times of the year: Penpal Season!

Getting your Penpal is the first real sign that camp is just arond the corner, and we love seeing your excitement as you make a new friend before the summer even starts. There’s nothing like coming home from school to your new friend’s address - it means camp is coming!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re upping the excitement this year with our Penpal Bucket List Contest!

The contest is simple: if you and your Penpal check off everything on our Bucket List Card (included in your Penpal letter), you’ll win a GREAT prize at camp!

Before Camp:

  • Send your first letter! Tell her how excited you are that she’s your Penpal.
  • Send each other a picture, or several. It can be of yourself, your family, or your pet.
  • Tell her your funniest joke!
  • Connect with each other in at least 1 other way, whether it’s adding each other on social media or exchanging phone numbers or emails.
  • Keep writing, and writing… and writing! Every letter is an invitation for you to respond. Didn’t get a letter back? Write again!

During Camp:

  • Find each other on Opening Day. Your counselor can help you!
  • Sign up to take a class together (at our longer sessions) or tell each other about your favorite class.
  • Get in front of the camp camera and take a picture together.
  • Go to Candy Shoppe together and have a DMC!

Are you and your Penpal up for the challenge?

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