Being a camp counselor is all about leadership.

You will have the opportunity and be expected to be the leader in your classes, at your table, and in your cabin. We are looking for counselors who can lead by:

  • Modeling Christ to campers in words and actions.
  • Being enthusiastic and attentive around the campers.
  • Spending time with campers doing what they enjoy doing.
  • Being an encourager to the campers and fellow counselors, keeping in mind how important your words are.
  • Stepping up to help whenever possible, taking responsibility and initiative.
  • Praying without ceasing for our camp community, our campers, and our fellow counselors.
  • Working well with fellow staff members and being a team player, supporting each other, forgiving each other, and showing Christ’s servant attitude.
  • Doing your best in everything; excellence honors God.
  • Smiling often.

We lead in many ways: we perform crazy skits, play fun games, teach great skills, have huge pillow fights, go on adventure/rafting trips and sing camp songs. But mostly, we spend time with the campers. We meet them where they are, getting to know them and having fun enjoying summer camp with them… all while acknowledging the love of Christ for us all.

When leading, we believe in a relational ministry here at Greystone. We are committed to doing our work for God’s glory, and as Christians, our faith enters into our daily lives in a natural way. While not “preaching” to the girls, we do model Christ in our routine daily living and leadership.

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Part of leading at Greystone is understanding that we adopt a ‘no pressure’ approach to sharing the gospel. The Holy Spirit meets girls where they are, as we strive to do everything for the Glory of God. As Christians, we always respect the families of our non-Christian campers with different religious views. While our beliefs may differ from theirs, our purpose as a girls’ camp and as counselors is to show the love of Christ and do our jobs well.

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