Working at camp is a blast!

Where else can you just have fun, laughing while rolling down a hill or catching fireflies next to a campfire? Greystone is a delightful place; we relish the spirit of being young and having a joy-filled life. As a Greystone counselor, this joy will overwhelm you too.

We also enjoy the separation from so many worldly distractions while at camp. In your day-to-day job at camp, you do not have your cell phone and cannot hop on Facebook throughout the day…and this is good. Face to face contact, not interrupted by a screen, is worth reveling in, and is so rare in the “real world.” At camp, we are able to relax, letting down the filters and guards we develop online – this comes with a break from constant social media use and e-mail checking. We enjoy it here, and you will too.

There is no better place to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation than at Greystone. Many of our counselors wake up early to enjoy a cup of coffee down by the lake or on the dining hall porch, looking out at the mist rising up through the camp and the sun beginning to shine on the majestic Blue Ridge mountains. We take pleasure in what the Lord shows us through nature by enjoying the beauty that surrounds us – it is plain awesome at camp!

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