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Where is Greystone located?

Greystone is in the heart of the mountains, with easy access to surrounding cities. Hendersonville, NC is 15 minutes away and has pretty much everything you will need from town: banks, food, restaurants, ice cream shops, etc. Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC are about 45 minutes away; they have great walkable downtowns, tons of restaurants, and awesome art and music scenes.

How many sessions do I need to work?

If you are applying for a full summer position for the first time, we ask that you work all three sessions (June, Main and August camps). However, we understand that school conflicts arise and are happy to talk through different options. You may also apply for Junior Camp only, in which you will not work the full summer, but just that one-week starter camp.

How much do I get paid?

At camp, we value hard work. There is nothing like earning a good old fashioned paycheck, and what we pay does not even begin to compensate the seeds you are sowing into young women’s lives. Our pay is competitive in the camping industry, something we are proud of, but no amount of money can equate to what you do for these girls during the summer!

Is room and board included?

Why yes it is! Not only is room and board included, but some of the most fantastic food you will ever taste is part of the deal as well! Gervais (our Kitchen Director) makes everything from scratch – you will love it.

Where will I live?

Depending on your position at camp, you will either live in a cabin with campers or in a cabin with fellow counselors. Our cabins are lovely; while maintaining their camp “charm”, they still have everything you need to ensure that you will be comfortable in your home away from home.

Will I have any time off?

At Greystone, we give you 1 day off during June Camp, 3 days off during Main Camp, and a half day off before the start of August Camp. In between sessions, you will have an additional day off to spend away from camp to refresh. We also try to give our counselors an activity period off during the day, as well as some evenings off throughout each session.

Can I bring my car?

Having a car at camp is great but not necessary. On your days off, it is nice to have a car to explore the area, but many counselors love to share their car space! Often times, groups of counselors will take their day off together, so you can typically catch a ride with other staff.

What about tattoos, piercings, and hair length?

We love your individuality and so should you! We do ask for you to cover your tattoos, and to only wear one piercing in each ear (no earrings for boys). We ask our Men Staff to keep their hair short and to shave any facial hair.

Can I drink or smoke while I am a counselor?

Camp Greystone is a tobacco and alcohol free camp. Nothing is more important than our campers, and we want nothing to distract from their experience. Because they are our priority, you may not use any alcohol, tobacco, or drug products while you are employed with Greystone.

Do I really teach ALL DAY?

Yes… and it’s fun! You will teach a total of 7 classes a day that are each 40 minutes long. These short classes fly by, and you will really enjoy the opportunity to teach many different campers a new and fun skill.

On cabin staff, what does a nightly devotion for my campers look like?

Each night, our cabin staff will lead their campers in a 10 – 15 minute nighty devotion. This is a time where the campers enjoy hearing a story tied in with relevant Scripture. It is one of the most cherished moments in the cabin – something you will come to cherish as well! We have many devotional resources and prepare our staff for the types of devotions that are relevant and appropriate for each particular age group.

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