Looking for Recipes? Bookmark Our Cooking Page!

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Whether it’s whipping up a new dish in Cooking class or enjoying an old favorite around the table in the Dining Hall, food is a huge part of camp! Not only does it fuel busy Greystone days, it provides opportunities for connection, relationships, and some really sweet memories.

One of the biggest requests we get throught the year is to share our recipes, both from the Kitchen and Cooking class - did you know we have a page just for that? Our Cooking tab on the Blog is your homebase for all things Greystone recipes.

Here you’ll find Dining Hall favorites like pizza, sweet georgia muffins, cheesy chicken, and Opening Day brownies. Scroll through to also see Solveig’s gourmet recipes that we enjoy all summer long in Cooking. We’ll be posting new recipes from this summers’ class throughout the year, so check back in soon!

Do you have recipes you’ve been craving at home? Comment them here and we’ll add them to our list to post! And as always, if you make a camp-favorite for your family, send us a picture so we can see and cheer you on. Making camp recipes at home is one of the best ways to experience the little joys of Greystone wherever you are.

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