All the Ways Summer 2021 Brought Us Back to the Basics

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We’ve talked a lot about the unexpected joys summer 2021 brought. There’s no denying that out of our 103 years, this one was especially sweet, and there were a lot of factors that went into that!

It could have been living out all parts of our days on the Pageant Court, seeing our first group of Seniors go through our Honor Council leadership program, cheering on our Kitchen crew as they went to enormous lengths to bring our meals down to the FORT, or simply being back in our favorite place, with our favorite people after a summer away.

Maybe the biggest factor though? This summer brought us back to basics! Camp just felt simple. As we reorganized, planned, scrambled, and re-invented the wheel on so much of what we typically do, we found ourselves looking to the past. Alumnae will recognize so many of the building blocks of this summer as things YOU enjoyed “back in the day” at Greystone, and we’re telling you all about it in this article from our 2021 Alumnae Sparks. It’s a must-read if you haven’t seen it yet!