Four Unexpected Joys of Summer 2021

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It’s no secret that summer 2021 had to look a little different. In order to open our gates, we had to make adjustments to the way we gathered and went about our days.

We knew from the beginning that camp with COVID protocols was far better than no camp at all, but we worked hard for over a year to make sure it still felt like the bubble you knew and loved… and maybe even a little bit better! Still, we went into the summer with some uncertainty about how it would go, and we know you did too.

We trusted that God would use this year in unique ways, but how would it really feel to be with your cabin for most of the days? Or to not eat our meals in the Dining Hall? Or to not be able to gather in the Pavilion? Our fears were quickly relieved… not only was it working, it was good! This summer gave us so many sweet moments that we never anticipated, so we’re sharing those with you today. Don’t just take our word for it though - hear from the campers that experienced it first hand!

Cabins grew closer than ever.

Cabin “Family” groups ate together in the Fort, enjoyed classes together, and sat with each other during Evening Programs. They spent a LOT of time together, but instead of getting sick of each other, we saw group after group bond deeply and quickly. They learned more about each other, came up with inside jokes, and weren’t afraid to try new things in classes since they were so comfortable with each other. We predict lots of cabin reunions this year!

  • “I loved being with my cabin all the time and growing closer to them! - Hannah, June Camper
  • “Eating meals with my cabin was one of my favorite things about this summer.” - Emerson, Main Camper
  • “Staying with my cabin the whole time was great! It was a lot easier to make friends and I have a stronger bond with them now.” - Caroline, August Camper
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Evening Programs and Morning Assemblies outside were dreamy.

The huge stage in front of the Shepherd’s Gazebo might have been our best investment of the year! It served as the home for all our stage Evening Programs and Morning Assembly each day. Sitting together outside, we got to enjoy the “ocean breezes” from the lake, lots of room to stretch our legs, and never missed a spectacular sunset. It didn’t hurt that we also had some of the best weather EVER. We may never want to go back to the Pavilion!

  • “Pageant Court EP’s and Assemblies were a highlight for me.” - Diana, June Camper
  • “I’ll never forget dancing to Morning Assembly songs on the Pageant Court.” - Parker, Main Camper
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Trying new classes you never expected to love.

For the first time ever, this year ever camper got to try every class in camp, which is incredible in and of itself! We heard over and over again from girls that they found new favorite activities that they never would have tried in another year. This was the perfect summer to figure out what classes you love so that you can make the ideal schedule for you in the future.

  • “I loved getting to try every single class - now I know what I like!” - Sydney, June Camper
  • “I loved all the classes I got to try that I probably wouldn’t have picked but ended up loving.” - Georgia Caroline, August Camper

Eating together in the Fort.

Along with the Pageant Court stage, the Fort might be the coolest thing to come out of this summer. We know we’re going to love using it for so many things in the future, but this year it was the perfect Dining Hall… that had unexpected perks! Meals in the Fort were breezy, cool, and spacious, plus we always had plenty of room for an impromptu dance party. Cabins got to laugh together over every meal, and that view looking over the lake and mountains could not be beat!

  • “Eating in the Fort was such a fun hidden gem about this summer.” - Betts, June Camper
  • “I love the Fort! Church is 100% better in the Fort.” Sarah, Main Camper
  • “One of my favorite memories is dancing and doing Zumba in the Fort.” Hadley, June Camper

We hope to continue some aspects of these joys in future summers, but even if they’re a one-time-thing, we’ll always treasure these memories from such a unique year at Greystone. 2021 campers and staff can say they were there when!

Looking back on the spring, we never should have worried. The Spirit of Greystone remains the same because it’s ultimately not about the logistics. It’s about the people who gather here each year to glorify God and enjoy Him and each other. That is what made this summer so perfect!