All About Our New Honor Council Leadership Program

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There were so many wonderful things about summer 2021, but one of the sweetest? Launching our new Honor Council leadership program!

Traditions run deep here at Greystone, and we don’t take updating them lightly. In every camp decision, we strive to focus on what matters: keeping the heart of every tradition alive, while making sure it resonates with a new generation and gives God glory most of all.

As with everything we do at camp, this was a slow, prayerful decision that had been in the works for several years, informed by our campers and families. It more fully represents what we believe about these girls and their potential. Godly leadership isn’t just reserved for a small group!

We couldn’t have been more excited to finally see it in action this summer, and in our recent Alumnae Sparks, we got to tell you all about it. Check out the article to read all the details about what this program looked like, who participated, and what our hopes are for the future.

We love this new program, and so did our Senior campers (we saw positive effects from it all summer long!), and we hope you’ll see that while the process has changed, the heart of the Honor Council has stayed the same, and in fact, is more celebrated than ever before.