Connecting with Your Camp Community: Greystone's Month of Prayer

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Much has changed since our last installment of our Connecting with Your Camp Community series - we are writing this to a fundamentally different world! You’re probably burdened with fears that would have been unimaginable a month ago, and spending your days in ways you never would have predicted. We are in the same boat!

Thank goodness that our Savior and His promises are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (whatever tomorrow looks like!). And our camp community doesn’t have to change either! Physically distanced doesn’t have to mean emotionally distanced.

In fact, what if we used this season to make our camp community stronger than ever? The one thing we all have plenty of? Time. And it’s up to us how we use it! The technology and resources at our disposal today mean that we can remain connected no matter how far apart we are. All over the world, churches are praying together, old friends are catching up, and students are learning remotely. Camp can fall into the same category!

Knowing that we will be socially distanced through the end of this month, we’ve decided to dedicate April to prayer, and we’d love for you to come alongside us. Scroll through for all the details. Our camp community is huge - can you imagine the impact all of us praying in unision could be?

There is so much out of our control right now, but what is in our power is how we use this time we’re being given. We pray that we can come out of quarantine with a community that feels more connected and supported than ever!

Greystone’s Month of Prayer

Right now as a country and a world we’re facing something bigger than we can imagine. Our only option then is to run to the One who is greater than it all. This is a time to pray without ceasing, friends, and we want to do that together!

That’s where our month of prayer comes in. Every day this month we are comitting to pray for a certain group or topic together, and you are invited to join us! It doesn’t have to be eloquent, long, or fancy. The Bible promises that the Spirit intercedes for us and helps us when we pray. All it takes is a few minutes and a few words. You don’t have to be an expert to join - none of us are!

Download our printable guide and pin it up to your bulletin board, or save it where you’ll see it. This is your map for each day’s topics. We’ll also be sharing that day’s prompt and verse on our Instagram Stories, so keep up with it there!

We are so excited to spend a whole month in intentional prayer for our community, this crisis, and our country. Pray with us and see how the Lord uses it in your own life, and in our world!

Other Resources for Staying in Touch while Social Distancing

  • Stay encouraged with our Daily Devotions and recommended resources. Why not commit to reading them together as a cabin, and then talking about your takeaways? You can also keep that group chat going with Bible verses and prayer requests.
  • Feeling a little stir crazy? Write another letter to your Penpal. Pick one of our boredom busters or try your hand at some camp activity pages. Get a bowl of popcorn and settle in with some camp videos. Pull up Spotify and lead your family in some Greystone Groove dances.
  • Our Camp Community blog series is chock full of ideas and links to help you feel close to your camp family, no matter where you fall. We talk to camp parents, alumnae, current campers, and staff members.
  • More than anything? Reach out! If you are thinking of a camp friend, or craving connection right now, pick up the phone or your pen,and be the first to say hello. All over the world, communities are having to get creative about staying in touch, and our camp family was made for this! We pray that Greystone and everyone connected to it would be a light during these uncertain times. That we could be the first to give, the first to reach out, the first to show love. Know that you are on our hearts constantly, and we are praying for you daily. We are so very thankful for our camp community!
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