Connecting with Your Camp Community: Staying in Touch as an Alum

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We’ve all experienced that moment when you see a Greystone sticker on a car or a t-shirt in an airport and your heart leaps. A connection, a friend! All it takes is that shared history and you’re off to the races.

No matter where your lives have diverged, a Greystone connection can be the foundation on which a friendship stands. Alumnae all around the world will tell you that when they’re with their camp friends, it’s as though no time has past. You pick back up where you left off, bringing out the best in each other.

That kind of friendship? It’s worth nurturing. But how do we make time for camp in the hustle of our grown up lives? What if you’ve fallen out of touch with friends, or haven’t been back through the gates in years?

We’re here to tell you that no matter where you stand in your journey as an alumnae, there’s room for you in the Greystone family. You’re never too far gone to reconnect with your second home, or the people that made it so special. Scroll through to get your wheels turning and don’t let another year go by.

After all, once a Greystone Girl, always a Greystone Girl!

  1. Use social media to your advantage. We all have it, so let’s do less mindless scrolling and more intentional connecting! Make sure you’re following all your old camp friends, as well as (shameless plug) the Greystone accounts (both Facebook and Instagram) to bring a little bit of the Bubble to your news feed. Our social media accounts are one of the first places we put news and updates, so make sure you’re following us to stay up to date! Make sure you’re also subscribed to our blog and Daily Devotions!
  2. Be the one to reach out. One thing we learned at our 100th Anniversary Reunion? No matter how long it’s been, it’s never too late to reconnect with your camp friends. Don’t wait for someone else to initiate - if you’re feeling the tug, reach out to your people. They’re probably feeling the same way!
  3. Host a reunion. No need to wait until the next official camp reunion - take the bull by the horns and start one yourself! No need to make it complicated. It can be as simple as inviting your two closest friends to your house for the weekend. Want something bigger? Everyone pitch in to rent a mountain house. (Looking for one? Jimboy’s VRBO house overlooks camp and includes lake access.) Camp singing will commence from there!
  4. Stop by to visit! We LOVE welcoming alumnae back to Greystone. If you’re ever driving through the area, drop by and say hi. Call ahead or schedule a tour if you want something offical, or just drive on in. Our gates are always open to you!
  5. Keep in touch. Have ideas or stories to share, or just want to say hi? We value feedback and thoughts from our alums. Never hesitate to reach out by email or phone call. You are a part of our family!
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Resources we love:

  • Postable: We’ve all moved 10 times by this point, so make sure your address book is up to date with this easy form. Email it out and have your contacts fill you in. Christmas cards here we come!
  • Camp Panoramas: Trying to explain Greystone to someone in your real world? If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a panorama could write a book. Scan over camp to set the scene for all your stories!
  • Old Green and Golds: Want to jog your memory on who won the Archery cup that year? Or what Banquet was? We’ve compiled the old Green and Golds all in one place - grab a cup of coffee and start scrolling!
  • Register as an alumnae. Never officially registered? Now’s your time! Never miss a mailing or update again. Already registered? Update us! We want to keep in touch. Have you started a business? Moved? Just want to say hi? We want to hear from you so we can cheer you on!
  • Greystone Facebook Groups: While there’s no technology in the bubble, we love using it to connect with each other in the real world. Are you a current camp parent? Join our parent group! Looking to connect with other alumnae and camp people in your area? Our Charleston Group is open, and be on the lookout for other city-specific groups coming this winter!
  • Greystone Recipes: Craving a taste of the Greystone Kitchen? We’ve compiled all of our favorite camp recipes in one spot, just for you. Here you can find all the current Cooking class favorites, as well as old standbys. Scones for everyone?
  • Listen to the camp music: There’s nothing that will bring back your camp memories like the songs, so we’ve gathered them all in one place for you! Our SoundCloud has all your favorites recorded, so put on those headphones and transport yourself back to Tuxedo.
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