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Any COVID updates needed for our 2022 summer will be sent out in the spring before camp.

Activity Options: June, Main, & August

We are so excited to announce our activity schedule for our June, Main, and August campers! We want campers to participate in the activities they love (and try new ones!) while still adhering to the current guidelines. We have been working for the past few months to create a schedule that provides fun and safety while still giving campers some choice in their activity selection. This new way of scheduling our classes will provide the “best of both worlds” in terms of what we can offer this summer.

The majority of the classes we offer will be held outside; we love the outdoors at camp! If a class is in an indoor building, or a semi-closed building (like our Fine Arts Center), campers will only be in the class space with their cabin group. We will have windows open and good air flow with fans, and have added HEPA filters to our White Hall air conditioning system.

All cabin groups will be assigned a specific schedule and will be attending two types of classes this summer:

  • Family classes: seminar-style classes that you attend and participate with your cabin group.
  • Neighborhood classes: classes that you attend with your Neighborhood group and have some choice within that activity area.

For a reminder of how we are defining Families and Neighborhoods, make sure to read our Families and Neighborhoods Details page.

Family Classes

Classes enjoyed with your cabin group.

Archery Canoeing Ceramics: Wheel
Ceramics: Handbuilding Indoor Cooking Outdoor Cooking
Crafts Dog Camp Fishing
Glass Beads Glass Fusion Gymnastics
Knitting Metal Jewelry Mountain Biking
Painting Printmaking Riflery

Neighborhood Classes

Classes enjoyed with your Neighborhood group.

Putt Cove Pool Landsports & Pickleball
Farm & Garden, Barnyard, & Creek Play Waterpark & Card Games High Adventure, High Ropes, & Yoga
Tennis & Eno Summer Reading Groove, Zumba, Fitness, & World Trail Drama, Backstage, Dance, & Music
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Family Classes

Campers will attend Family classes with their cabin group. They will love learning a new skill alongside their best friends and will be able to stay mask-free during the class. With a smaller class size (only 10 campers at a time!), and a longer amount of time enjoying each activity, girls will get to experience individualized instruction and even more opportunities to practice and play in their favorite classes.

Our arts classes will be structured so that campers can learn the skill and complete an entire project within the class time. In our more active classes, girls will go over the necessary rules and safety measures and still have plenty of time to enjoy that activity. If your camper loved a class before, we think she will gain so much by experiencing it in this new structure!

Neighborhood Classes

Campers will attend Neighborhood classes with their Neighborhood group, and in most cases, will be able to decide which activity they want to try that day when they arrive. Girls will visit each Neighborhood class more frequently, allowing for more consistency and practice time in the classes they already know and love.

For example, when a camper arrives at the High Adventure, High Ropes, and ENO Reading class, she can decide to take High Ropes on that first day, knowing that she could try High Adventure the next time. We’re excited about the flexibility and choice Neighborhood classes provide, and we will continue to offer girls these different choices as long as we feel safe doing so.

During Neighborhood classes, girls are welcome to keep their masks off as long as they are with their Family or whenever they can distance from other Family groups within their Neighborhood. To help with this, many Neighborhood classes will deliberately space out the two Family groups. All Neighborhood classes are outside and provide ample room for distancing.

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Class Scheduling

Each cabin group will have a pre-assigned schedule, and girls will enjoy a longer time in each class to ensure that they can fully experience each activity. Every day, campers will have a mix of Family and Neighborhood classes. You can see a copy of our new daily schedule on our Daily Schedule page.

Because of the changes we have made to accommodate both Family and Neighborhood style classes, campers will be able to visit Neighborhood classes multiple times during their session. At our longer sessions, campers will be able to attend Family classes more than one time as well. None of our classes will have age limits this year, allowing for every camper to enjoy all of our class options!

Campers will find out their cabin schedule when they arrive on Opening Day. We will share your daughter’s cabin schedule with you after you drop your daughter off on Opening Day.

Camp Clubs

Because we know that campers have particular classes that they love and would like to enjoy more regularly, we will offer some of our class favorites in smaller groups called clubs. These will meet during free time and are limited to a small number of campers (so that we can adequately distance campers for safety reasons). Girls will find out which club classes are available when they arrive at camp.

Program Cleaning

To learn more about how we will be cleaning our program areas during the summer, make sure to read our cleaning protocols on our Health and Safety page.

Wondering how to explain this to your camper? Hear from one of our Directors!