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Any COVID updates needed for our 2022 summer will be sent out in the spring before camp.


We strive to communicate with parents in a thoughtful and thorough manner before and during the summer. This year, expect to hear from us even more than usual! We want to make sure you are fully prepared before you arrive and that you know what is happening when your daughter is here. You will be receiving more emails and Remind texts (details on Remind coming later in April) from us this year than in a typical summer.

COVID Communication

  • If your daughter shows symptoms consistent with COVID we will attempt to contact you before conducting a COVID test. However, if we are unable to reach you, we may proceed with testing and our COVID protocols. You can learn more about how we will proceed with testing if we have a presumed positive case on our Presumed or Positive Cases page.
  • If your daughter tests positive for COVID, we will contact you immediately and ask that you come pick her up as soon as possible.
  • If there is a camper in your daughter’s cabin who tests positive for COVID, we will contact you in two different ways: First, we will send you an email letting you know that there has been a positive COVID case in your daughter’s cabin family group. Then, we will follow up with a personal phone call to you. As we will be calling upwards of 20 families for any positive case, please be patient as we work through these phone calls.
  • If your daughter’s cabin goes into our Family Camp program due to exposure, we will keep you up to date on the health of the campers (as well as the fun they are having!) throughout their recommended quarantine time frame.
  • If we have a camper who tests positive in camp (but your daughter has not been exposed), we will let all families know through a personalized website for each session. We will share this session specific website information with you drop your daughter off on Opening Day.

Cabin Details & Schedule Information

With the changes to Opening Day, we know that you will be anxious to learn more about your daughter’s counselors and cabinmates. Because of how quickly we will be processing each car at check-in, we will not be able to answer specific questions regarding cabin details at that time. But, do not worry . We will be sending specific information about your daughter’s cabin later that day! Look for an email from us after lunch that has all of these fun details! We will also share your daughter’s cabin schedule so that you know what she will be doing each day.

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Before the Summer

Expect to receive many emails from us before the summer. Along with our usual reminders about forms and emails about camp details, you will also receive messages about:

And as always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are happy to help!

During the Summer

On Opening Day, we will be sharing information on how to contact your daughter’s Group Leader. Like always, if you have any concerns during the session, the Group Leader is the best person to contact, as she is talking to your daughter and her counselor regularly. And, feel free to contact our office at any point; we are here to help!

We will update our Blog every day with fun camp details and will be sharing videos on our Instagram and Vimeo accounts. We will also be in touch (even more than normal) to update you with camp details and COVID information.