Why Work at Greystone? We Asked, Our Staff Answered!

We’ve told you why employers love hiring camp counselors and shared what it’s like to be a first-time counselor at Greystone, as well as what might surprise you about working here. You know that we think this job is the best one you’ll ever have, but what do our staff have to say?

All year long on our Instagram, we’ve been answering the question, “Why Greystone?” and today, we flipped it around to our staff to ask them, “Why work at Greystone?” Their answers capture the staff experience better than we ever could, so scroll through to see why you should apply to work at camp this summer!

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  • “Greystone is a community you can’t find anywhere else.” - Kate
  • “The connections you make with the girls are truly life-changing!” - McKenna
  • “The friendships, life skills, and memories are timeless! You make the best friends - it’s like Heaven on earth.” - Mary Neill
  • “You always feel like you have a family and it teaches you so much!” - Addie Grace
  • “Working at Greystone was the best experience of my life! The mental clarity and strength I gained from Greystone staff is everything.” - Catharine
  • “You are truly loved and supported by the Head Staff. You also get to work with the BEST campers! It’s the best place to work on earth!” - Marissa
  • “It’s HARD! But it’s a good kind of hard. You learn you can do hard things and come out the other side stronger. That is one of the most amazing tools in a person’s character and life tool box. Perseverance, patience, and to realize that you have control over one thing and one thing only through all of it - your attitude.” - Patty

“If you want to impact young girls’ lives in a tangible, fun, and God-centered way, camp is the perfect job for you. Being able to give love out so freely and see exactly how your actions and words can change girls’ lives is so special, and working at camp was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever gotten to do.” - Anna Ruth

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  • “You can’t find a community of women like this anywhere else. It’s a life changing experience!” - Avery
  • “Work at Greystone for the friendships, the good food, the support, and above all the campers!” - Georgia
  • “It is the guaranteed “win/win” summer job. The campers will grow from experiencing your example of faith, fun and friendship. As a Greystone staff member, you enjoy working and playing in a positive atmosphere, in a beautiful place, with delicious food, and especially, the most wonderful colleagues. Greystone provides a Christian environment for “the best summer ever“ for all who are fortunate enough to experience it.” - Emily
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  • “Work at Greystone to make meaningful relationships with campers and counselors that last a lifetime!” - Ellie
  • “There’s an unexplainable fulfillment in being able to minister to young girls who yearn to learn more about the light and love of the Lord. If you want to spend a summer being poured into while also pouring into others, be a counselor at Greystone! It’s such a unique opportunity!” - Harris
  • “Work at Greystone to pour back into the place that has given so much to you! My favorite part of being a counselor was watching the girls fall in love with camp the way I did for so many years. It’s truly unforgettable!!” - Boo
  • “WORK ON STAFF!!!! It will be the greatest summer of your life. You will meet the best people from around the country, grow in ways unimaginable, and have the best summer of your life!” - Chandler

“You get to spend your summer in an atmosphere that can be best described as a slice of heaven. Your own relationship with God has the opportunity to grow through friendships with staff members, fellowship with campers, and by just being in His nature. Will you be exhausted? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Life changing.” - Carson

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  • “No grocery shopping, hitting your step goal and getting Rest Hour every day, and starting every day with praise and worship. Get ready for clean eating, clean living, and nighttime entertainment that doesn’t involve Netflix. You will make the most genuine connections and friendships of your life and wonder how you ever lived without these people!” - Katherine
  • “Greystone changed my life - it’s a true honor to serve and give back to a place and people that meant so much to me. My counselors were also such an important part of my Greystone story and that’s an awesome responsibility. To sum up- it’s the best job in the world!” - Kim
  • “Work at Greystone to create lasting friendships and impact girls’ lives through Jesus!” - Emma
  • “Working at Greystone is the best summer ever! The people. I still see my campers every year!!” - Mary Frances
  • “It is the most incredible and rewarding way to spend your summer!” - Kaelyn
  • “I get to invest in the next round of campers the same way past counselors did for me.” - Abby
  • “My first summer working as a counselor at Greystone was a time of incredible spiritual growth. To this day, I still refer back to the lessons I learned that summer and have applied the wisdom gleaned in raising my own family.” - Laura

“I can honestly say that my first summer at Greystone completely changed my life for the better. The moment I stepped into the “bubble” that is camp, I. was. enamored. I have never felt so immediately welcomed and known and loved than when I drove into those gates on that warm and magical May day. Throughout my summer, every hug was genuine, every laugh was the kind that made your stomach hurt, and every word exchanged was from the heart and I knew them to be true. I became more independent, more truthful, and more kind. I became more humble, more patient, and more loving. I will carry the experience I had with me for the rest of my life in thankfulness!” - Emily

Have they convinced you? Apply today for the summer job that will change your life!