Introducing "Why Greystone Wednesdays" - We Want to Hear from You!

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No matter what life looks like for you, the fall tends to feel like a fresh start. And that’s especially true for us at camp! We look back at the summer we finished, start making plans for the one to come, and launch new ways to engage with our community throughout the year.

That leads us to a new weekly series we’re launching called “Why Greystone Wednesdays!” They say camp stories are the hardest to tell, but we’ll be sharing them bit by bit on our Instagram throughout this year.

Why is camp good? Why do we come back every year? Why is it worth it? And why Greystone specifically? The answers lie with you and your camp stories and experiences, so we need your help!

Fill out this quick form to submit your story to our “Why Greystone Wednesday” series. Tell us your funniest camp memory, how you feel when you drive in the gates, or why camp is a meaningful part of your family’s year. Silly or serious, simple or deep, it all culminates in that spirit of Greystone we treasure so much, and we want to hear it all!

So whether you share your story, encourage a friend to submit hers, or just follow along, we hope you’ll join us every Wednesday this year to reminisce, reflect, and remember “why Greystone.” After all, YOU and your stories are what make this place special!