Our 2023 Alumnae Sparks is Live!

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Greystone Alumnae, it’s time to celebrate you!

We know you are missing your second-home…dear ‘ole Greystone…and today, we’re excited for your to jump back into the Greystone Bubble as you read the 2023 Alumnae Sparks! Camp news is still a joy to read whether you joined us recently at our Great Day Alumnae Weekend or haven’t returned to Greystone in almost 50 years. You are going to have so much fun catching up on all things Greystone.

You’ll love reading about Greystone families with 3+ generations of Greystone girls, the Council Fire renovation (which is finally complete!), the return of canoeing river trips for our Main campers, and specific ways that you can be a part of Greystone right now, especially by helping out on Opening or Closing Days.

So settle in with a cup of coffee and your favorite Greystone sweatshirt, and travel back to Tuxedo for an afternoon. We’ll see you there!

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